High Fusion's Psychedelics Subsidiary Neural Therapeutics Announces Significant Business and Corporate Milestones

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 12, 2022) - High Fusion Inc. (CSE: FUZN) ("High Fusion" or the "Company") is pleased to announce a corporate strategy update of its partially-owned subsidiary, Neural Therapeutics Inc. ("Neural").

Intellectual Property Achievements

In partnership and collaboration with its extraction partners based in Nevada, Neural has developed a new and novel extraction methodology for full spectrum Mescaline and Mescaline isolate from the San Pedro plant. Neural has submitted a provisional patent application on August 26, 2022 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

"A novel extraction methodology is a critical first step in laying down the intellectual property foundation for successful drug development from cacti. Securing a patent around the extraction process allows us to focus on employing the best-in-class technologies in both small scale and industrial scale extraction processes," commented Neural's CEO, Ian Campbell.

Supply Chain Agreement

On August 1, 2022 Neural entered into a service agreement with a Peruvian cultivator, Cactus Knize, who have agreed to grow, harvest and supply Neural with the plant materials to support studies and product development. Cactus Knize has been a cultivator and wholesaler of cacti for over 30 years and has shipped products for ornamental use worldwide. Cactus Knize holds a permit with Peruvian National Forest and Wildlife Service, National Forestry and Wildlife Authority ("SERFOR"), which is a Peruvian government agency that regulates harvesting and shipment of wild plant material originating within Peru. As part of this partnership Cactus Knize will apply their expertise to accelerating the growth of a chosen cultivar plant(s) and Neural will purchase the cactus product at an agreed upon price.

"We are excited to work with Neural Therapeutics in the research and development of cactus-derived products. Traditional healing practices using cacti have been a part of our society for thousands of years, and we are excited to showcase our expertise to the world," commented Zuzana Knize, the President of Cactus Knize.

Laboratory Service Agreement with Cayetano University

On August 4, 2022 Neural entered into a services agreement with UNIVERSIDAD PERUANA CAYETANO HEREDIA, a private non-profit university located in Lima, Peru ("Cayetano University"). Cayetano University is recognized as a tier one university in Peru and is highly regarded for their medical school and science programs. Pursuant to this agreement, the Neural and Cayetano University will work on developing validated methods of identifying cacti by DNA sequencing, quantifying mescaline and profiling other alkaloids. These steps are imperative for the groundwork of DNA identification in botanical materials for the purposes of future applications with the United States Food and Drug Administration ("FDA").

Under this agreement, Cayetano University has agreed to act as the designated National Support Institution as mandated by SERFOR for foreign entities who wish to conduct biological research of native flora and fauna. Cayetano University has agreed to assist the Neural in identifying particular cactus species obtained from Cactus Knize in order to determine and compare the quality of materials harvested from wild cultivars of cacti. Neural has agreed to an initial payment of US$8,250.07 with a balance due upon completion of US$7,615.45

"We are very pleased to announce this important partnership with Cayetano University, which allows us to jumpstart our research and development process in Peru. We have a unique opportunity to explore and appreciate the benefits of plants which are regarded as sacred by many communities in Peru and have been used for millennia. Cayetano University is an established institution with decades of experience in subject matters that are critical to Neural's research and development and we are privileged to work with the best-in-class," commented Ian Campbell, CEO of Neural.

SERFOR Application Submission

Neural is pleased to announce that on September 8, 2022, in conjunction with Cayetano University, it has submitted an application to SERFOR ("SERFOR Application"), which will allow the representatives of Neural and Cayetano University to access and handle San Pedro cacti for research purposes. The SERFOR Application is a critical regulatory milestone that will, upon approval, allow Neural to access wild plant matter and conduct DNA sequencing analysis and conduct chemical profiling that Neural expects will lead towards suitable potential cultivars. Plants that contain the ideal chemical profile and demonstrate a high degree of health will be chosen for future research. The SERFOR Application is subject to regulatory review and approval. Pursuant to the agreement with Cayetano University, the university has agreed to provide ongoing support during the review and approval of the SERFOR Application.

"Submission of the SERFOR Application is a key regulatory milestone and we are pleased to report on the culmination of the submission process which we worked on for several months. Special thanks to the staff at Cayetano University for their ongoing support and we look forward to taking another step towards approval," commented Ian Campbell, CEO of Neural.

Next Steps

With the successful completion of the above milestones, Neural is in a position to accelerate its research program over the coming months. The Neural will seek research partners and suppliers who are experienced in the FDA framework for pre-clinical and clinical studies.

In addition, Neural is investigating partnerships in both the dietary-supplement/nutraceutical and psychedelic markets where complimentary products and technologies are in development or being offered.

Corporate Spin-off Plan

Given that Neural's business plan will be focusing its efforts on ethnobotanical drug discovery and dietary supplement development, High Fusion believes that it will be in the best interest of its shareholders to spin-off Neural as a stand-alone business ("Spin-Off"). Neural has engaged capital markets advisors to secure additional funding and assess the best path forward in terms of a public listing. Neural will announce the additional details of this assessment in the near future.

It is anticipated that the potential Spin-Off will be subject to a number of approvals, including and not limited to approval by High Fusion shareholders, court approval and approvals of securities regulators and the relevant securities commissions and exchange. There is no assurance that the assessment of potential Spin-Off transactions will result in a transaction that Neural and/or High Fusion wishes to pursue at this time and if such a transaction is deemed to be appropriate there can be no assurance that such a transaction will receive the necessary approvals to be completed. Investment in securities of High Fusion and Neural should be considered highly speculative and prospective investors should consult their advisors prior to making any investment decisions.

About High Fusion Inc.

High Fusion Inc. (formerly Nutritional High International Inc.) is focused on developing and manufacturing branded products in the cannabis industry with a specific focus on flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles and oil extracts for medical and adult recreational use. The Company operates and controls licenses in California, Colorado and Oregon.

High Fusion has manufacturing, retail and grow operations in California through its acquisition of the business of OutCo and owns and operates oil extraction and edible manufacturing facilities in Colorado. The Company's brand portfolio includes its award winning FLÏ™ edibles and vape production addition to the OutCo and Thrive brands recently acquired.

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About Neural Therapeutics Inc.

Neural Therapeutics Inc. (formerly Psychedelic Science Corp.) is a partially-owned subsidiary of High Fusion and is an ethnobotanical drug-discovery and development company. Neural Therapeutics is focused on developing products and conducting research on the psychoactive cacti plants with the primary objective to find where the historical use in traditional medicine has proven to be effective and capitalize on the opportunities that can be applied in modern medical and natural health product markets.

For further information, please contact:

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