Life Coach Gemma Lonsdale Announces Her Soul Spirit Oracle Deck to Help People Heal Their Emotional Imbalances

Newcastle, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - September 1, 2022) - UK-based Life coach and public speaker, Gemma Lonsdale, announces the launch of her Soul Spirit Oracle Deck, that helps people heal their emotional imbalances. The Oracle Deck invites people to have a personalized guidance session to make them aware that they can help themselves with their personal concerns.

The Soul Spirit Oracle Deck has been created to help people connect with themselves and the world around them on a much deeper level. The deck will help people understand their soul lessons, life path and how they fit into the bigger picture. The idea behind the cards is to identify the message for each individual from the universe. The design and working of the card are based on the assumption that the entire human race is connected in one way or another.

"My focus is on helping people to learn their life lessons and getting them more in touch with their emotions and spirituality. I want to make people aware that they can help themselves. My methods will help people connect with themselves on a deeper level and with their higher self," says Gemma Lonsdale.

The cards contain a specific message and artwork that helps to trigger intuitions and other psychic gifts hidden in people, which help them get through their emotional and spiritual imbalances. The card deck includes an additional guidance booklet intended to provide people with some practical solutions to implement when required.

"In addition to the detailed card descriptions and practical guidance, I have included some thoughtful spreads that will help people gain the most insight from their higher self," Gemma Lonsdale concludes.

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