Line & Circle Announces Its New Service: Reality Capture

August 30, 2022 9:48 PM EDT | Source: Subscribe PR

Phoenix, Arizona--(Newsfile Corp. - August 30, 2022) - Line & Circle announces new possibilities with their latest service, Reality Capture, which is also known as 3D scanning. Line & Circle provides Reality Capture, as well as drafting, building information modeling (BIM), and other technological design services across the United States.

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Reality Capture can provide clients with accurate and advanced designs for evaluations by architects, engineers, assessor's offices, archeological projects, historical restoration ventures, and real estate development, among others. The technology can also be utilized by insurance companies, retail firms, medical institutions and much more.

Line & Circle LLC, an Arizona-born and based company, is a full-service Design Technology firm. They have been assisting clients with an intentional approach to quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround times since 2018. Line & Circle prides themselves on excellence and building lasting relationships with their clients, delivering solutions to many areas of design technology and the AEC Community.

Who could benefit from Reality Capture?

Line & Circle's owner Joe Borzacchiello explains, "Anybody that really needs a virtual twin, blueprints, a set of drawings or team consulting." However, beyond that, Joe doesn't disclose much as else about his clientele. This is because Line & Circle works behind the scenes with these companies, replacing their pencil drawings and traditional blueprints with advanced laser scanning and 3D models called Reality Capture. This, ultimately, enables Line & Circle to provide their clients with more accurate and advanced designs, and simply, better service for any type of project.

While Line & Circle may be discreet, their impact is anything but. To paint a clearer picture of the kind of advantages Line & Circle provides for building constructions, Joe explains, "With a 3D scanner, we can go up through the stairwells, the elevator towers, the scans from outside and connect all this back together. So you're able to see all of the negative space accurately in the building as well, which is something that before, could not be done." This means that approximations are now replaced with accurate figures and human error and site re-visits are eradicated.

Line & Circle does not only deliver on technology, but also on extensive, hands-on experience. As Joe shares, "I've done industrial projects, working on one of the highest swimmable buildings in the world in Dubai with another company. I've also done stuff like patents for dog toys." Joe's decades long experience translates across industries and projects. For Joe, it's simple. As he explains it, "What it is, once you've drawn those lines and circles, they're kind of all the same. Whether it's a building or a part of an object, there's still a blueprint, an instruction manual, or an assembly manual for whatever it is you're creating. So understanding that, is the biggest impact."

For any company, in any industry, staying up to date with the latest technology and evolving with the times are crucial to staying in business. However, when systems are mastered and processes are efficient, it's often thinking outside the box that can push any company leaps and bounds ahead of its competitors. For Joe, thinking outside the box means seeing infinite possibilities for the application of the technologies Line & Circle provides. As Joe emphasizes, "Architecture has always been our niche, with our understanding of the theory, the background and philosophy going into all of this, you can apply it to many different industries and projects."

It's evident that Line & Circle also sees a big data acquisition market that not many are considering. For instance, Joe and his team could scan an office space, not just its dimensions but also including all the stock and other assets in it. This could be useful for a firm looking to acquire the company or for the company's own valuation. The team can scan a historical site and document all that exists at the time of the scan, which can be utilized for new sites being uncovered and existing sites that need accurate mapping or restoration. Joe explains "Once you have the data in there, there's millions of possibilities of how that can be used and what it can be used for as well."

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