Eternal Paradox and Champions Arena to Bring Web3 Gaming to Mobile

August 29, 2022 3:58 PM EDT | Source: Gala Games

San Jose, California--(Newsfile Corp. - August 29, 2022) - Gala Games has recently announced two major titles with studios OneUniverse and NDream to release on Gala's Web3 gaming ecosystem. Both games will be multiplatform and fully mobile optimized blockchain games.

Multiplatform Blockchain Games Announced From Major Developers

The recent partnerships announced by Gala Games will bring South Korea studios NDream and OneUniverse games to a community of more than 5 million gamers and Web3 enthusiasts worldwide. The partnership announcement was accompanied by the news of two new titles already in development: Champions Arena by OneUniverse and Eternal Paradox by NDream, both of which will be among the first major Web3 titles prioritizing the experience of mobile gamers.

These Web3 titles will launch on Gala's platform, alongside their flagship title Town Star and 25 other games currently in development. Like other titles on the platform, both Champions Arena and Eternal Paradox will feature fully player owned game assets and play and earn gameplay mechanics.

Gala is a leader in Web3 entertainment, with a strong presence in film, music and gaming. The Gala Games Ecosystem is constructed on the largest player owned gaming node network in the world. In-game items on the platform are owned by individual players as NFTs, and play and earn mechanics enable players to potentially earn rewards through gameplay.

Eternal Paradox is a hybrid 4X/RPG massively multiplayer game in development by NDream. The game consists of traditional 4X (Explore, Exploit, Expand and Exterminate) mechanics, combined with turn-based RPG PvP and PvE battles in 63 day cyclical battles for conquest, optimized for desktop or mobile gameplay. Players will be able to own Mercenary heroes in the game that can be upgraded and used in a variety of game activities. Land can also be purchased by players to buff their Mercenaries, build and develop their castle, or allow other players a place to settle.

Champions Arena is a recently announced turn based RPG from OneUniverse. Players will be able to own and collect over 100 NFT Champions with a wide range of features, styles and strengths. Each Champion can have their look and playstyle customized through gear and can be upgraded into more powerful versions as a player advances in the game. Players can dispatch their heroes on missions, or use them in real time, tactical turn based battles. Individual and guild PvP will be featured, as well as a Co-Op mode and PvE campaigns.

While other Web3 titles have explored mobile access, Eternal Paradox and Champions Arena will be among the first blockchain games to be developed with specifically a mobile experience in mind. The release of these titles on Gala Games will open up Web3 to mobile gamers worldwide that previously had little access to blockchain gaming.

John Osvald, President of Games at Gala, said:

"Both Eternal Paradox and Champions Arena can offer our community unique gaming experiences that they just can't get anywhere else. It's a privilege to be able to work with great studios like OneUniverse and NDream to get their games to a wider audience."

Gala Games currently has 27 titles in development, with the earliest set to be released later this year. Using Web3 technology, and powered by a wealth of experience and expertise from professional gaming, Gala Games aims to empower players through asset ownership and unprecedented AAA gaming experiences.

OneUniverse is a Korean metaverse company that has the experience producing content for more than 200 outlets in 10 countries across the world. Lately, its business has been expanding to focus on the best VR and AR (Augmented Reality) technology in Korea. It is collaborating with global companies.

Ndream is a game development company in Korea established in 2015 that developed 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War'. The studio has shown rapid growth by surpassing 200 billion won in sales last year- only six years after its establishment. Its affiliates are JoyCity, Ntroi, Mojito Games, Ndream Games, Take Five Studios, Woore and Roadbe Webtoon.


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