RC Technologies Unveils Roadmap for Spreading Its Decarbonization Hubs Across the Globe By 2023

August 18, 2022 1:10 PM EDT | Source: Pathos Communications

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 18, 2022) - US-based RC Technologies has announced its revolutionary roadmap, underlining its intentions to decarbonize cities all around the world. By setting up its carbon capture hubs, it aims to utilize its groundbreaking technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by directly removing CO2 from the atmosphere. The proposed carbon capture hubs are set to be established with the help of its advanced proprietary Direct Air Capture technology.

RC Technologies is focusing its carbon capture initiative on cities, because of their amplified role in climate change and carbon emissions. Cities across the world enhance climate change by causing more than two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions. The increased number of vehicles using fossil fuels and buildings emit large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Direct Air Capture technology proposes to effectively extract this carbon from the atmosphere and at its points of origin. It is in the process of creating carbon capture hubs in cities all over the world. According to the company, such a carbon capture hub can be developed in very little time, and does not require significant infrastructural facilities.

"Our aim is to turn cities all over the world into carbon sinks. Our capture hubs can be set up in as little as three months. We don't require heavy or large infrastructure to build our hubs, so we get to hit the ground running much faster. Because our capture hubs serve the surrounding areas, there is not a need for pipelines or huge constructions - everything is done onsite. Our customizable modular units can be tailored to fit into its surrounding environment, allowing us to make use of the space as best as possible. By using renewable energy to run our facilities, we reduce our own carbon footprint in the process," says Raciel Castillo, Founder of RC Technologies, a Direct Air Capture company.

The initiative also focuses on reducing its own carbon footprint by retrofitting existing buildings. It intends to highlight the significant role of retrofitting existing infrastructure, in reducing carbon emissions and enhancing the efforts towards the global net-zero pledge. It can transform abandoned infrastructure into carbon capture hubs in different regions. These hubs will act as manufacturing and processing centers from where the captured carbon will be converted into other useful products like graphene and synthetic fuels. This facility can be developed for industries like aviation, which emits excessive amounts of CO2. The utilization of CO2 is a safer and more effective alternative to underground storage while contributing to the economy.

"There is a huge shift taking place on a global spectrum in how we are doing things collectively. The focus is on creating a healthier environment to strengthen the progression of the human race. Our mission is to contribute to that evolution by developing our carbon capture hubs in cities around the world," Raciel Castillo added.

About RC Technologies

Founded by Raciel Castillo, RC Technologies is a US-based, global firm, creating Direct Air Capture carbon capture hubs around the world.

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