RC Technologies Launches Direct Air Capture Technology to Help Governments and Industries Achieve Decarbonization Objectives

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 16, 2022) - US-based RC Technologies has announced the launch of its advanced Direct Air Capture technology, designed to help governments and industries across the globe in their decarbonization efforts. The announcement is expected to aid the fight against climate change by helping governments and industries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. RC Technologies is committed to contributing to the global climate action plan through its advanced carbon capture technology. As well as drawing carbon directly from the air, the firm helps carbon emitting entities to effectively remove greenhouse gasses from their points of origin, such as coal and steel plants.

Scientists, environmental activists and civil society groups across the world are pressurizing governments and business leaders to take necessary actions against increased carbon emissions. RC Technologies' mission is to provide governments and businesses with effective technological solutions to achieve their goal of mitigating carbon emissions. Its proprietary technology helps them capture carbon directly from the air, which is then converted into high-value environmentally friendly products.

Direct Air Capture technology, provided by RC Technologies, aims to assist governments in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). These are the commitments agreed upon by countries to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as part of the consensus signed under the Paris agreement. Senior officials from RC Technologies underline that its technology will be a game changer in the efforts of governments toward reducing carbon emissions. It also intends to help them to achieve their Net Zero Carbon Commitments efficiently and effectively.

"We are in partnership with mother nature in restoring the balance. We are ready to provide the best solution to protect our planet by helping governments and industries to reduce their carbon emissions. We have a global solution to the world's biggest problem. Our Direct Air Capture technology is designed to be incredibly efficient and implemented right away, allowing us to remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere quickly, safely and effectively. We are developing meaningful relationships with governments to build a sustainable future for generations to come," says Raciel Castillo, Founder of RC Technologies.

RC Technologies also aims to aid industries to meet their ESG compliance requirements. Investors are increasingly demanding ESG compliance from their business partners due to continuing pressure from civil societies and environmentalists. The SEC is also cracking down on ESG compliance. The carbon capture technology provided by RC Technologies can provide businesses with effective and rapid solutions. Their technology can be set up very quickly and can meet the demand of industries like coal power plants, steel manufacturing plants, aviation, transportation, the energy sector and big tech.

"We are ready to work with governments and industries around the world, especially large emitters of Carbon Dioxide, such as big tech and airlines. We help them reduce their emissions by removing Carbon Dioxide from their point of origin and directly from the atmosphere. Our technology is plug-and-play and can be implemented right away. As well as this, it doesn't require large infrastructure, extensive pipelines or long-standing construction. It isn't just governments and industries that need to be part of the solution, at the individual level we have a responsibility to hold ourselves accountable to reducing our emissions wherever possible. Our technology can be quickly built to any size and it enables us to remove greenhouse gasses immediately and effectively on behalf of governments, industries and individuals around the world," Raciel Castillo added.

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