FricknFrack Games to Launch Toolbelt! Game Which Simplifies DIY for Gaming Enthusiasts Through Immersive Gaming

Lexington, Kentucky--(Newsfile Corp. - August 12, 2022) - FricknFrack Games has announced exciting plans to launch the Toolbelt! game to simplify DIY for gaming enthusiasts through immersive gaming. Led by William Mayfield, who has an extensive background in higher education, the company specializes in casual, high-quality games that provide gamers with immersive experiences to help them gain real-life skills. With a cast of compelling characters and rich visual detail, gamers scarcely realize as they move from one level to another that they are gaining knowledge of the tools that are used in DIY - all in their quest to earn the Toolbelt.

According to William Mayfield, the founder and Lead Producer of FricknFrack Games, the current K-12 educational model has hardly changed in the past few decades, and is still heavily textbook and lecture-oriented. This model does not work for all types of learners.

There are different types of learners such as visual learners, auditory learners, logical learners, verbal learners and kinesthetic learners. The lecture model and textbook-oriented model might work for visual and verbal learners, but not for the other types. Immersive learning, however, like the learning experience delivered through the games developed by FricknFrack, works exceptionally well for all types of learners.

The Toolbelt! game from FricknFrack is a free-to-play match3 immersive game having a fun DIY theme. As players navigate their way through the different neighborhoods that comprise ToolCity, they get to know different tools. Each neighborhood is linked to an individual tool. The game's tagline is "Right Tool, Right Materials, Right Job". Players earn points by solving puzzles that involve matching 3 or more identical tools either horizontally or vertically. The more matches they make, the more they score. As players move closer to earning the Toolbelt, they get a basic understanding of all the tools needed for DIY.

Commenting on Toolbelt!, William Mayfield, founder, and lead Producer at FrickNFrack Games said, "Immersive gaming can serve as a valuable tool for skill development. We specialize in fun and learning-oriented games that help people gain knowledge and vocational skills. My academic background proved that the best way to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need is through total engagement. Immersive games like Toolbelt! make it possible for players to learn a lot, even as they have fun moving from one level to another. The best part is that it is a free-to-play game, meaning it is accessible for everyone."

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