One of the Best Leadership Books Gaining Interest During the Great Resignation Movement Is Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy by Dr. Kendall E. Williams

August 11, 2022 3:32 PM EDT | Source: eBook or Print

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - August 11, 2022) - Dr. Kendall E. Williams, author and experienced executive, continues to enlighten leaders about the dangerous forces in American workplaces in his riveting book, Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy: the hijacking of corporate conscience. In this no-holds-barred book, Dr. Williams highlights the cost of putting profits before people and what it will take to change the working world.

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Book cover of Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy

Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy unveils how the hypocrisy of American corporations has contributed to the Great Resignation taking root throughout the country. As organizations make superficial and performative gestures toward inclusion, American workers are demanding more. Corporate "leaders" claim to have values of diversity, teamwork, and work-life balance, but that's too often a flimsy shield designed to protect profits.

Instead, Dr. Williams proposes a new brand of leadership built on authenticity, ethical behavior, and real core values. This is the only way to reverse the mass disillusionment currently taking place as more and more Americans quit in favor of healthier working arrangements. Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy explains how putting people first can be mutually beneficial and a profitable business move that results in greater employee engagement, greater productivity, and reduced operating costs.

Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy will benefit leaders at every level of an organization. Retention is about more than just paying fair wages. An engaged workforce takes ownership, buys into organizational initiatives, and improves profit over time. In return, these loyal workers demand greater transparency, accountability, and integrity. According to Dr. Williams, it's a small price to pay, and the return on investment is immeasurable.

Readers appreciate the clear language and actionable steps in this insightful book, with one reviewer stating, "I love the fact that Kendall Williams does not only talk about the hypocrite leader but also discusses what it means to be an authentic leader." In a time of great upheaval in the American job market, Dr. Williams's work is timely and relevant to virtually any industry.

Visions, Values, and Corporate Hypocrisy: the hijacking of corporate conscience is available for purchase on, and all major retail outlets.

Dr. Kendall Williams has a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Northcentral University, and a Certificate in Executive Leadership from Cornell University. He has taught management and leadership coursework at Penn State University and Fremont College, and serves on the Customer Advisory Board for University of California, Santa Barbara. Dr. Williams is the proud recipient of the Leadership Impact Award from the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, and lives and writes in California. He's also the father of three young adults: Ryan, Reid, and Kayla. Visit him online at

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