AECA Solutions Unveils Range of High-Tech Trinity F90+ Commercial Drones

Selangor, Malaysia--(Newsfile Corp. - August 11, 2022) - Malaysia-based drone-technology solutions provider, AECA, has launched an expanded distribution of fixed-wing VTOL Trinity F90+ drones. These have been designed with multiple productivity-boosting aims in mind, including the enhancement of image accuracy, the extension of flight times and greater image-resolution.

AECA Solutions' newly unveiled Trinity F90+ (manufactured by Quantum Systems) is set to provide companies with access to high-tech mapping and surveillance equipment. A key feature of the Trinity F90+ drone is its ability to take-off vertically, requiring only a 3x3 meter space, which enables it to take flight from complex terrain that would have previously been deemed unreachable. In addition to this, these fixed-wing drones offer more than an hour and a half of flight time; the Trinity F90+ is therefore able to provide a range of around 7km per flight.

Referring to their decision to incorporate this new technology into their end-to-end services, senior officials from AECA underline that they were keen to find a solution that would bolster the range of the drones, without sacrificing the resolution of the images produced. With the Trinity F90+, a balance has been struck between offering an extended reach, while at the same time enhancing the data quality. The multispectral and RGB payload options facilitate high-definition image capture; this is essential when being used as part of smart agriculture or environmental monitoring, for instance.

Building on this is the integration of the LiDAR sensor into the Trinity F90+, which transforms the captured data into 3D models. This mapping facility will be vital for precision agriculture, particularly as agricultural exports and demand in Malaysia, in which AECA Solutions' HQ is located, continues to increase year-on-year.

The implications of the Trinity F90+ for agricultural purposes, such as soil and plant analysis, is particularly significant in light of the news that countries across the world will have to produce 70% more food by 2050, in order to feed an ever-expanding global population. Malaysia is still considered to have a 'moderate' level of hunger, and drones have been repeatedly highlighted as a key solution to this worldwide problem. The Trinity F90+ is being positioned at the forefront of the national - and global - response to food poverty.

As the Malaysian government introduces new relief-packages for farmers, which have struggled amidst natural disasters, AECA Solutions' new range of fixed-wing Trinity F90+ drones aim to give an added boost to agricultural productivity and contribute towards its resurgence. Aside from this, these drones will play integral roles in construction, security and mining industries, among numerous others.

"The Trinity F90+ marks an exciting leap forward for us, and has tremendous implications for the commercial drone industry as a whole. The increased range, resolution and GPS-accuracy can revolutionize business productivity. For example, we recently worked on a project mapping over three hundred square kilometers; with a traditional, multi-rotor drone, this could have taken six months. With the Trinity F90+, we completed it within a month," concludes Khairul Ariffin Mohd Aris, COO of AECA Solutions.

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