FricknFrack Games Unleashes a Series of Immersive and Interactive Games Aiming to Provide a New Learning Experience

Lexington, Kentucky--(Newsfile Corp. - August 9, 2022) - US-based professional game developers FricknFrack Games has unleashed a series of immersive and interactive games to provide players, especially students, with a new gaming - as well as a learning - experience.

FricknFrack is on a mission to empower students, parents, teachers, educators and policymakers in the current education system. It intends to equip them to think, communicate and act differently and more effectively to create a better and more efficient learning methodology. However, the games are not limited to any particular demography. "We create games for everybody, we build games that help people in one way or another. We are playing in the casual, hypercasual and adventure genres. We always try to challenge the skills and capabilities of the player. We build games with a purpose," says William Mayfield, Founder and Lead Producer at FricknFrack games.

The immersive and interactive games developed by 'FricknFrack games' emphasize the importance and possibility of communicating emotionally and tactilely. The firm believes that these attempts can change the way users learn, work, play and live with the help of an incredibly flexible and accessible digital world. For example, the game 'ToolBelt' developed by FricknFrack is a DIY-centric semi-vocational game.

The games in general intend to provide the players with practical experience. They keep players more engaged in the learning process and help them put theory into practice, and retain knowledge in a better way. They also seek to replace the passive, tell-and-test, click-through conventional learning methods, and replace them with engaging gameplay.

"Today's education in the US is unfortunately designed to support a manufacturing economy. And the irony is that only 20% of the GDP of the United States is generated by manufacturing. It is a political system that keeps pushing itself through and the students still don't get what they really need," William Mayfield added.

According to a paper published by Brookings Institute, immersive platforms can transform the way in which the lessons are taught and how students learn. FricknFrack also believes that an immersive player experience can enhance the learning process by improving fundamental learning principles like collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

FricknFrack's commitment to creating a positive impact on society and environment is underlined by its efforts to highlight the issue of Kessler syndrome through its latest game Rise Up. It provides significant information and awareness on the pressing problem of the increasing amount of space debris. The game enables the player to ride on a drone and collect pieces of space junk.

FricknFrack seeks to utilize the vast opportunities offered by modern technology to reform the way users teach and learn - as well as how users play. It is determined to create a platform where students can teach themselves by experiencing everything they learn in real-time. "We intend to create a fully immersive learning system for students, in which they can learn by experiencing the path they travel and the world they want to play in. If you want to become a plumber, we can create a plumbing game for you," William Mayfield reiterated.

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