German-Based simplePlant Announces Its New Home Garden Solution 'smartGarten' To Bring Nature Back to The Cities

Hamburg, Germany--(Newsfile Corp. - August 4, 2022) - German-based home garden firm, 'simplePlant' announces its new smartGarten product to bring nature back to cities. It enables urban-dwellers to bring gardening to small spaces in their homes. The product intends to provide everyone with access to natural habitats available in their limited spaces.

smartGarten offers an innovative combination of lighting, nutrient supply and watering facility for the healthy growth of plants in an easy-to-use and flexible structure. The structure is made with 100% biodegradable products and ensures every component used to build the structure is sourced as locally as possible. This effort is to ensure that smartGarten contributes to the sustainability and self-sufficiency of the local people and local economy.

Plants need specific wavelengths of different light to grow faster and healthier. smartGarten ensures that the plants get red, blue and green light in precise amounts at regular intervals. It enhances their yield, promotes the production of nutrients and ensures their growth. It uses high-quality tailor-made LED-based horticulture lighting solutions. The plants are grown in a hydroponic system where essential minerals and nutrients are supplied through the water. It also uses a simpleCup as an ideal medium for the plants to grow. The cup is made with 100% compostable plant fibres that ensure homogenous distribution of water and nutrients. It also maintains optimal pH levels and offers resistance to pests and insects.

This system helps plants to grow faster and healthier, and also helps to save a large volume of fertilizers and water. Therefore it promotes hydroponics among urban dwellers to aid the fight against climate change. The product underlines the importance of hydroponics as it has been proposed as an effective solution to face the challenges of climate change and food shortage. Resistance to pests and the provision of zero pesticide usage are some of the added advantages of this technology. It also gives the option of using a pre-seeded cup and selecting a plant programme to grow the plants. It also allows the users to use seeds of their choice.

smartGarten facilitates regular and consistent monitoring of the plants through an intuitive app connected to it via Bluetooth. The app and the smartGarten work together seamlessly to choose a unique plant programme as per the user's requirements. The smartGarten collects all the data through the integrated sensor technology in the garden and displays them on the app. This provides accurate information on vital indicators regarding the health and growth of the plant. It also shows how much water and nutrients are missing. The integrated sensor technology enables effective management of plant cultivation by ensuring optimal plant care through continuous monitoring and feedback.

"We wanted to create something which brings nature back to cities for everyone - regardless of their gardening knowledge or experience - to have a natural home and to reconnect with nature, even when indoors," says Ben Marten, Co-founder and CEO of simplePlant.

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