Battery Materials Review Announces Its International Battery Materials Market Platform That Provides Monthly Analysis of Industry Trends

London, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - July 22, 2022) - London-based Battery Materials Review (BMR) announces its knowledge-sharing platform to potentially help guide, advise and assist miners, battery makers, investors, and all other stakeholders about battery materials and global industry trends. It also provides industry players with ongoing commentary on the technical developments, raw materials markets, prices, and trade data in the battery and battery materials markets on a monthly basis.

Each monthly issue of BMR covers all the important issues and developments in the battery and raw materials markets. It includes well-researched articles, news analysis, expert views, financial data analysis, M&A roundup, and trade data analysis. A review of key exploration results and a detailed discussion of company news flow are also included. A dedicated section of news and views on batteries, EVs, and ESS, covering EV sales and battery data at the global and regional levels, updates stakeholders on the most important developments in the sector. An analysis of monthly upstream trade data is given to help the clients understand the supply chain.

The shortage of raw materials in the battery manufacturing industry is causing serious concerns across the globe, especially at a time when electric vehicles are considered part of the solution for lowering carbon emissions and global warming. Reports indicate that the price of electric vehicle batteries could increase by 22% in the very near future due to the shortage of raw materials. Battery Materials Review was among the first movers in predicting this challenge. Through its detailed and in-depth analysis and research, BMR strives to educate policymakers, governments, business leaders, investors, miners, and NGOs in addressing the shortage effectively.

BMR focuses on providing credible data and analysis of raw materials and their availability under one roof. It informs stakeholders about the mining and exploration of raw materials like lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel, manganese, rare earth minerals, and vanadium. Recent reports reveal that the lithium shortage is causing uncertainty in the EV manufacturing industry due to its heavy Lithium-dependence for electric vehicle batteries. BMR believes that proper research and timely analysis will help the industry identify supply chain challenges and demand requirements for the raw materials in advance. It will, in turn, equip miners, manufacturers, and investors to act promptly and effectively to prevent disruptions in the industry and market.

"Battery Materials Review (BMR) is the only service provider giving stakeholders in the battery material and related industries everything they need to know under one roof. What differentiates BMR from others is the sector valuation and market analysis framework, which helps interested parties get valuable industry intelligence. It helps clients understand more about raw material developments, and it also helps investors to understand raw material market trends and their growth potential", says Matt Fernley, Founder and managing editor of BMR.

Battery Materials Review (BMR) is headquartered in London and was founded by Matt Fernley. He is an equity and materials analyst following the mining, chemical, and industrial sectors with over 20 years of experience. BMR is a leading platform in providing research-driven data and information for companies seeking to learn about battery raw materials across the globe.

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