Healthcare Training Platform 'Advanced eClinical Training' Introduces Immersive and Experiential Virtual Training Courses for Pre-Health Students

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - July 20, 2022) - US-based healthcare training platform 'Advanced eClinical Training' (ACT) has launched its immersive and experiential on-demand virtual training courses for pre-health students. The initiative is aimed at providing pre-health students with certification courses and comprehensive clinical training by perfectly combining physical experience and online learning. ACT, while offering an affordable, accessible and convenient alternative to otherwise expensive and lengthy courses, provides the opportunity to complete it in as little as eight to twelve weeks.

The training courses intend to make medical education and clinical experience more efficient and safe. One of the major challenges faced by health education and medical training is ensuring the safety and security of the patients. It also poses the challenge of medical negligence and errors in surgical procedures. ACT is committed to changing training programs by providing secure and safer methods. Several studies reveal that immersive and experiential learning platforms in the metaverse can help overcome the challenges in pre-health education and medical training. The experiential learning platform provided by ACT tries to overcome these challenges by providing an immersive platform where students can practice and repeat their skills without affecting patient care and safety.

Advanced eClinical Training ensures that the students are provided with the opportunity of virtually communicating with their patients. It also provides them with the opportunity to expand their clinical knowledge and skills in an immersive and interactive platform. It gives them consistent and personalized feedback which helps them to spot their strengths and weaknesses. The aim is not just to build qualifications but also to develop competency among the students. They are also provided with a well-qualified and experienced instructor throughout their learning process. The instructor guides and advises them through their interactions with the patients. It gives the opportunity for self-reflection exercises to maximize the efficiency of the training program.

ACT believes that utilizing the possibilities of immersive learning in the training courses for pre-health students will equip them with efficiency and competency, especially in nursing education, as suggested by research. Therefore, its interactive learning platform, provided for the students to talk and communicate with the patients through virtual reality, intends to help them improve their practical knowledge. In addition, it gives the students a new experience by combining traditional physical experience with modern online learning.

"We are on a mission to transform the way we educate and train our pre-health students in their training journey. Our training courses are normalizing distance learning concepts by incorporating modern technological avenues into them. For example, we are combining our traditional tools like textbooks, PowerPoint presentations, and e-books with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and virtual reality to provide the students with an immersive and experiential learning experience. Our aim is to make pre-health training more accessible and convenient to students across the globe," Shabnam Safarzadeh and Shaghayegh Safarzadeh, the Co-Founders of the 'Advanced eClinical Training' share their vision.

'Advanced eClinical Training' is headquartered in New York and was established by its Co-Founders, Shabnam Safarzadeh and Shaghayegh Safarzadeh. Its 8-12 week self-paced online training courses provide a nationally accredited certification that is helping pre-health students to obtain direct patient care job opportunities across the country.

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