As CA Citizenship Law Changes, Ivan Steele Law Launches Public Awareness Drive

July 20, 2022 5:08 AM EDT | Source: Plentisoft

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - July 20, 2022) - With the goal of making the process of obtaining Canadian citizenship more straightforward, Toronto-based law firm Ivan Steele Law (647-342-0568) announces a public education campaign for Canadian citizens who want to sponsor their spouses or common-law partners for permanent residence or citizenship.

Ivan Steele Law has announced the new public awareness campaign as Canada's latest citizenship policy has led to an unprecedented increase in the number of new citizens - and a growing interest among non-Canadians applying for citizenship. With their new effort, the Toronto law firm provides an overview of the requirements for Canadian citizens interested in obtaining permanent Canadian residence for their partners.

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The effort will help couples through the immigration and residency process, which can be complex and difficult to navigate without professional assistance.

As part of the latest campaign, the law firm explains the process for both outside and inside (inland) of Canada applications. Since Canada offers no automatic right to permanent residence or citizenship as a result of marriage to a Canadian citizen, immigrants are required to submit an application and comply with a number of regulations in order to become Canadian citizens.

Both same-sex and opposite-sex marriages and common-law partnerships are covered in the new guide. For all applications, Ivan Steele Law recommends a strategic approach which involves detailed documentation of the relationship and professional legal assistance.

"Preparation is the price of success when it comes to applying for Canadian Permanent Residence as a sponsored spouse or partner," says Ivan Steele. "As close culturally as Canada and the USA are, and as easy as it is for an American to adapt to Canadian life, bringing your American partner to Canada can be paper-intensive and fraught with hidden dangers prior to submission and during the processing of their permanent residence application."

Further, marriage visas and permanent residence applications are closely tied to other areas of the law, including family and taxation law. To that end, Ivan Steele provides the guidance necessary to navigate all legal aspects of the process.

The firm's new public education effort, which includes online resources and comprehensive consultations for interested individuals, informs the public of all the steps needed to apply for citizenship - from submitting an application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to passing the relationship evaluation.

For Canadian citizens looking to bring their fiancee into the country, the firm recommends that eligible spouses apply for an open work permit while their permanent residence application is being processed.

Ivan Steele Law can also advise on the eligibility requirements for children of spouses and common-law parents.

The Toronto-based firm specializes in immigration law, family law, and gay/lesbian law. With a 15-year record of developing effective solutions to complex immigration problems, Ivan Steele Law has assisted numerous Canadians or Canadian permanent residents in bringing their spouses or partners to Canada.

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