Arkitektura Consulting Announces Plans to Set Up School Interior Design Niche

July 26, 2022 7:11 AM EDT | Source: Hyland Media

Millburn, New Jersey--(Newsfile Corp. - July 26, 2022) - Leading interior design company Arkitektura Consulting has rolled out plans to set up an arm that caters to school interior designs. Riding on its successful history of attention to detail, ingenuity, and a commitment to give each new space a unique and modern feel that best reflects its user's preferences, Arkitektura is looking to accommodate the educational sector, currently underserved.

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Patricia Kraisman
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The interior design of nursery schools opens possibilities for developing and applying new architectural concepts. Speaking on the development, Founder and Principal Patricia Kraisman observed that the task of applying new design concepts in line with the goals of education presents a very challenging and creative vista for the company. "This is a creative new road for me. I've worked on several projects in other areas in the past and I have continued to apply unique concepts to fit the specific segment. The objective of schools is to prepare the children to go into the world and make it a better place. Teaching communication to young children helps the child to better understand others and the environment. That understanding leads to developing empathy which in time facilitates the child's communication skills. The results are better relationships and interaction with others and intimate interest about our world."

In line with these concepts, Arkitektura incorporates them into their designs. Patricia believes that the environment molds the people who live in it as much as we mold our environment. Weaving these concepts into school design can also help children grow, and develop their potential and appreciation for the arts. Young children are specially suitable for learning from the experience of being surrounded by curated spaces and art. The opportunity is there open for us designers to dive in and design with a view at 3' high.

Kraisman explains: Life is an adventure "When we travel, what do we want to see? we go to see beautiful places, buildings, and nature. That is because we are set up to connect to others and our environment. That includes the spaces that surround us: homes, schools, and classrooms."

At the moment, Arkitektura Consulting has been engaged by The Goddard School franchise, with projects in central NJ in August. All in collaboration with other architectural firms.

Armed with a Masters' degree from the Architectural School of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and a broad-based experience spanning over 30 years working in different continents, including South America, North America, and Europe, Kraisman has a unique way of engaging in a project with her "space whispering" secret weapon. Her unique and emphatic way of listening enables her to quickly understand the customers' needs and adapt to a variety of situations.

About the Company

Arkitektura Consulting is a Millburn, NJ-based design and build firm that offers a unique approach to making spaces more liveable and enjoyable for homeowners and businesses. The company has a penchant for weaving the desires and needs of the customer into every plan and execution, delivering smiles and comfort every step of the way.

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Name: Patricia L. Kraisman
Designation: Founder/owner/principal
Contact: +1 973 232 5497
Place: Millburn, NJ, USA

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