Innovative Licensing & Promotion Announces Its Services to Help Inventors File Patents to Protect Their Intellectual Property Rights

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - July 14, 2022) - Innovative Licensing & Promotion has announced the launch of services to help inventors file all kinds of patents. In the fiscal year 2021, 374 006 patents were issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. Navigating the process of applying for a patent is a complex task as the product or idea has to be described in a lot of detail. In addition, the application must clarify how the product, process, or design differs from others in the same segment.

Before filing an application for the invention, the inventor needs to ensure that the product or service is commercially viable, is one for which no previous patent has been filed, and also needs to have adequate knowledge of the law to complete the patent application form in a manner that optimizes the possibility of receiving the patent. Patent law can be highly complex for someone unfamiliar with legal terms.

Innovative Licensing & Promotion now has a team of experts that guides inventors through the patent application process right up to licensing their invention to realize its true potential.

The type of patent protection that the inventor should apply for depends on the nature of the invention. There are essentially four types of patents: a provisional patent, utility patent, PCT patent (Patient Cooperation Treaty), and a design patent.

Vincent Kehoe, the Founder of Innovative Licensing and promotion, commented on the different types of patent applications, "The process of applying for patents can seem highly complex and tough to investors who want to see their ideas transformed into products or technologies that the most people can use. We ensure they are relieved of the stress of dealing with the fine details. We hold their hands through the process and help them to present their ideas and products effectively to the patent office and potential licensees so that they can profit from their hard work."

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