Work-Life Brilliance Announces the Launch of Its Book That Is Helping Readers Enhance Emotional Health and Reduce Stress

Oakland, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 4, 2022) - Work-Life Brilliance has announced the launch of its book that can help corporate professionals enhance their emotional health and reduce stress while advancing in their careers. Titled "Work-Life Brilliance," the book outlines tools and techniques to end self-sabotaging thinking and behavior for professionals dealing with issues such as self-doubt, fear, anxiety, and the inability to say no. It enables them to become calm, confident, influential and fulfilled.

As an outcome of evolution, the human brain has a negativity bias and automatically remembers criticism to a far greater extent than praise. This makes people more prepared to cope with challenges, but it also means that individuals are programmed to be harder on themselves. As a result, people pay special attention to even minor criticisms and exaggerate any dangers. This leads to negative emotions like high-stress levels, fear, and anxiety.

A recent Gallup report revealed that a record number of people are experiencing stress and worry across the globe, with 41% saying they experienced a lot of stress and 42% saying they were worried. The book deals with making changes in a progressively incremental manner with chapters that cover almost every aspect of life. They include chapters titled 'Burnout versus Brilliance,' 'Tame Your Thoughts,' 'Reinvent Your Outer Self,' 'Nurture Brilliant Relationships,' 'Manage Your Relationship with Stuff,' and 'How to Say No with Grace, not Guilt' for those who have a tendency to be people pleasers. The book teaches a simple method for ending fear and worry and allows readers to think clearly, in order to take immediate positive action.

Work-Life Brilliance provides professionals with the framework for rethinking the approach they currently have to their relationships, work, as well as their mental and physical health. The author, Denise Green, writes about techniques she has used to find her best self and, through several stories, illustrates how anyone can get back on their feet and reorient their life to feel more confident and positive. The book has multiple models, assessments, and tools that are designed to help readers make quick changes. It also has many case studies drawn from Denise's practice as an executive coach.

Commenting on the book, Denise Green said, "People who are facing burnout, struggling with sleep and are held back by anxiety realize that they need to make changes but might have no idea where to start. The book, through its simple stories and practical techniques to rewire your brain, can serve as a roadmap for corporate professionals to make sustainable changes that can transform their lives. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands that you are facing from different directions, this is a book that serves as a practical guide on how you can become your best self, at work and in other areas of your life."

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