Mirigos Launches a Technical Outsourcing Model That Solves Challenges Related to Conventional Outsourcing

Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - June 29, 2022) - Mirigos has announced the launch of a new recruitment model that can solve the challenges related to outsourcing technical jobs to skilled talent in other countries. In industries like engineering and IT, many companies outsource jobs to technical staff based in other countries. This helps them assess the best talent available globally and reduce costs significantly.

Mirigos does not have any employees on the "bench" waiting to be hired. Mirigos holds detailed discussions regarding the requirements with the employers and then uses its internal recruiters and its connections with an extensive network of external recruiters in Latin America and Eastern Europe to source the best talent. Once the talent is spotted, they go through an interview process with the potential employer. They then are hired by Mirigos. They will work for Mirigos and be paid by the employer. Hence, the employer has a greater degree of control than when outsourcing employees from other firms.

Mirigos recruits from Eastern European and South American countries like Ukraine, Poland, Georgia, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Turkey, as the work culture matches more closely with that in the United States. In addition, in countries like Moldova in the region, exports of IT products and services have increased five-fold in the past five years thanks to supportive government policies and an educated workforce. Latin American countries are also a good source as their time zones are more compatible.

Commenting on the Mirigos model, the company's CEO, Zhenya Rozinskiy, said, "We prefer to think of what we do as outstaffing rather than outsourcing. Instead of selecting from a pool of candidates we already have at our disposal and seeing how their profiles would fit the client's requirements, we discuss the requirements at length with the client. We then use our network of contacts to source candidates with the right combination of technical and soft skills to ensure cultural fit. In addition, the firm getting the workers has greater control. The employees that Mirigos hires on the company's behalf function as a firm's full-time employees, with the firm having the right to hire and fire them based on performance. The biggest cost that outsourcing companies have is their employees on the "bench" who are waiting for assignments, as their salaries have to be paid. Our model eliminates this cost. It is more cost-effective than outsourcing, and I think it solves many issues related to outsourcing. This is a model that offers the best of both worlds, and it works."

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Name: Zhenya Rozinskiy
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