UEM Edgenta Launches Its Environmentally Sustainable Asset Management and Infrastructure Solutions

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--(Newsfile Corp. - June 24, 2022) - The Malaysian headquartered Asset management and Infrastructure solutions service provider, UEM Edgenta announces sustainable and energy-efficient solutions for a greener planet. This move is part of their commitment to being part of the fight against global warming and carbon emission. They focus on providing technology-driven, environmentally sustainable building solutions and Asset Optimization, focusing on enhancement and energy solutions as part of their Property & Facility Solutions.

UEM Edgenta utilizes modern technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Smart city solutions, and Hyper aware buildings and Robotics in its operations to provide greener and energy-efficient solutions when dealing with asset management and infrastructure maintenance challenges.

"As a total asset solutions provider, we add value to your asset by optimizing workplace productivity and minimizing environmental impact towards a sustainable energy future," said Syahrunizam Samsudin, managing director/chief executive officer of UEM Edgenta.

As part of their commitment, they successfully achieved a 27% reduction in electricity consumption, 11% reduction in water consumption, 78% reduction in Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), 20% increase in Chiller Coefficient of Performance (CCP), and managed to divert 430 KG of Organic waste from landfill daily, manages to divert 12 TONNES of recyclable waste from landfills annually and to have more than10 green buildings GBI certified / energy efficiency solutions.

UEM Edgenta is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and contributing proactively to the global climate agenda. It has successfully achieved 13.7% of energy savings for FY 18-21, more than 37 million kWh total energy savings for its clients, 55% of emissions intensity savings, and more than RM 16 million in electricity cost savings. They also managed to divert 12-tonne recyclable waste from landfills. It focuses on enhancing its measurement and monitoring mechanism to support the nation's net-zero emission target.

Its focus on sustainability and energy efficiency includes undertaking energy efficiency programs on its premises, as well as those of its customers, both reducing carbon emissions. The digitalization of the facilities management ecosystem through their FM platform called SmartConnect enables real-time monitoring of energy consumption. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with a group of data scientists stationed at their Command & Contact Center (CnC) to provide data insights to optimize energy consumption. Reducing waste through the development of recycled pavement products and services by our Pavement Research Center etc.

UEM Edgenta network management and maintenance of over 3,500 KMs of highways & state roads In Malaysia and Indonesia. Within their Infrastructure Services division, the Pavement Research Center looks into the development of sustainable and environmentally-friendly road surfaces, among others. It involves pavement condition assessment, pavement rehabilitation, pavement testing, drainage maintenance, and cleaning and traffic safety services.

"We share our commitment to becoming a climate-positive company with our employees, clients, partners, and suppliers by driving resource efficiency and empowering them with cutting-edge technologies to improve operational and energy efficiencies," Syahrunizam Samsudin added.

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