RMRK Launches Second Phase of Moonglade Project That Leverages Blockchain to Support Sustainability

Zug, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - June 22, 2022) - RMRK has announced the second phase of the Moonglade project, leveraging blockchain to support a reforestation project in Portugal. The project also gives RMRK a chance to show the firm's NFT 2.0 protocol.

Customers get to buy an NFT seed pouch. In addition, if the tree survives, they get unique artwork by Georgian artist, Masho and information about the actual tree. This information includes the species of the tree, the coordinates of the tree, the date of the plantation, and other specific details. If the tree does not survive, they are given a spirit tree.

RMRK partnered with Portuguese reforestation initiative, Reflorestação Mãe Terra for the project. The Reflorestação Mãe Terra project replaces trees in privately owned, fire-damaged tracts of land with fire-resistant orchards. These orchards serve as a food source for the people living there while also protecting agricultural land.

Most of the areas covered as part of the project were previously surrounded by eucalyptus plantations which were introduced in the latter part of the last century for agricultural and industrial reasons. These forests that covered 90,000 hectares became a fire hazard as they burned with unusual ferocity.

Portugal suffered catastrophic wildfires in 2017, and many years will be needed for the forests to regenerate. RMTerra enters into 25-50 year reforestation contracts with owners of such private land that has been affected by wildfires to plant trees and take care of them. The project involves scoping out the land, planning the structure of the forest, purchasing and planting the trees, and training the owners on their care.

Every sapling that is planted as part of the project is represented as an NFT. People who buy the NFTs are thus contributing to the planting of the trees. Making the advanced RMRK NFTs part of this initiative makes it possible for more people to support such a worthy initiative. Anyone who buys an NFT gets the coordinates of the sapling they buy.

The first month after planting is highly critical. About 10% of the trees die, and when this happens, the owners of the NFTs end up with ghost trees. In a month, they get to know if they own a funky, virtual tree or a ghost tree.

Commenting on the project, Bruno Skorvc, the founder of RMRK, said, "So far, over 1,300 trees have been planted as part of this project, and the company has announced the launch of the second part of this project which will involve planting 1200 more trees in the next planting season. The forests help to reduce poverty, increase food security, make the ecosystem more diverse and play a key role in combating climate change. We are really proud to be part of such a worthy initiative."

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