UEM Edgenta Launches the Global Expansion of Its Services

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--(Newsfile Corp. - June 20, 2022) - Asset management and infrastructure solutions expert UEM Edgenta announces its global expansion plan. As part of the move, the Malaysia-headquartered company is set to launch and start providing its services beyond the Southeast Asia region. The company also has a significant presence in South Asia and the Middle East.

Currently, UEM Edgenta focuses on Asset Management and infrastructure solutions, which includes non-clinical health care support services and Property and Facility Solutions.

Its healthcare support services include health care asset consultancy and management, facilities and biomedical engineering maintenance, waste management, linen & laundry, housekeeping and portering services, etc., as demanded by service providers and other commercial industries.

UEM Edgenta's Property and Facility Solutions include environmentally sustainable Building Solutions and Asset Optimization, with a focus on enhancement and energy solutions. They optimize non-core operations and asset cycle costs and deliver capital appreciation for long-term businesses. They also provide sustainable solutions for esteemed development.

"We differentiate ourselves by three things. One is that we're very focused on the deployment of technology. We have our own software as a service (SaaS) platform called Edgenta NXT, which runs facilities management online software for commercial buildings, and hospitals as well as for other related services. Second is we differentiate ourselves based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards and energy efficiency," said Syahrunizam Samsudin, managing director/chief executive officer of UEM Edgenta, while announcing the plan.

At present, their operations cover several South and south-east Asian countries, including Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, UAE, and India. They are serving over 300 hospitals in these countries. UEM Edgenda's expansion continues with recent projects in Saudi Arabia.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company made notable achievements in health care services and safety maintenance. By ensuring the availability of enough PPE kits for the health workers and COVID-19 patients, UEM Edgenta made outstanding contributions to the fight against the pandemic. They also supported the mission against the pandemic by providing ventilators, setting up vaccine centers, and providing makeshift hybrid ICUs next to the hospital. It also introduced a home quarantine management system for all Inbound travelers to Malaysia during the pandemic.

UEM Edgenta is a Malaysian-headquartered company with a presence in several major markets across the South and Southeast Asia region. They manage to incinerate 4,380 metric tonnes of clinical waste and successfully process 18,000 tonnes of soiled linen annually. Its healthcare facility and human resources consist of over 16,800 healthcare support employees and 51 certified in-house Healthcare Facility Managers.

UEM Edgenta is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its operations and contributing proactively to the global climate agenda. It has successfully achieved 13.7% of energy savings for FY 18-21, more than 37 million kWh total energy savings for its clients, 55% of emissions intensity savings, and more than 16 million RM electricity cost savings. They also managed to divert 12-tonnes of recyclable waste from landfills. It focuses on enhancing its measurement and monitoring mechanism to support the nation's net-zero emission target.

Their global expansion is likely to bring technological advancement in asset management and infrastructure solution services.

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