Social Media Redefined: V2 Updates

May 11, 2022 7:42 AM EDT | Source: Luna PR

Houston Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - May 11, 2022) -, the first premier Crypto Social Media Platform, is preparing to launch Version 2.0 of their groundbreaking site. The update from V1.12.1 to V2.0.0 will be a huge accomplishment and will give a fresh and widely optimized user experience.

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CoinMerge LLC was founded in June of 2021, and V1.0 of was the first Crypto Social Media to market, launching that following September. The company has been dedicated to constant improvements and complete redesign, and now, seven months later, is thrilled to launch V2.0 to help raise their platform above any competition. This new update will offer PC and MacBook users a one-page solution that deviates from a website with multiple pages, and will also offer mobile users faster load times, optimized navigation, and an intuitive display.

While the V2.0 PC and Mobile versions operate nearly the same, there will be a few functional differences depending on if the user is using a desktop, or Google or Apple App on their phone. The desktop version will include modules that have  mini-apps on the screen and can be switched quickly and seamlessly without having to search across multiple site pages. For mobile users, the User Interface and User Experience has changed to function and behave more like a native mobile application, rather than an app that loads a website.

These improvements will make life easier not only for existing users but also increase the "curb appeal" for new users to enjoy the platform for the first time. Day one of V2.0 is going to boast a number of features immediately, and like always, additional optimizations and improvements will follow in the days and weeks to come. The immediate features being provided include the huge upgrades to the UI and UX on all devices, as well as some significant updates to the chatroom list and message notifications.

The CoinMerge team believes this will be an "ah-ha" or "Light-bulb" moment for users and investors to truly see the utility their team is creating. Fully custom Profile Pages where users can talk about their crypto experience and show off NFTs to other users, and integrated "Watch-List" on the token chats allowing users to see price changes quickly without ever having to leave the chatroom are only some of the qualities of's update.

About was launched in September of 2021 by CoinMerge LLC and it was the first Crypto Social Media to market. It was designed to be an all-in-one crypto solution where users can sell and buy tokens while chatting with the community.

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