One of the Best Holistic Health Books to Read in 2022 Is 'Tumors Aren't a Big Deal' by Detox Coach Gregory Long

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - May 10, 2022) - Detox Coach Gregory Long recently released his first book Tumors Aren't A Big Deal. As a certified detox specialist, Long was inspired to write a book on holistic health that was simple and easy for people to understand. As an educator, Long knows that only if the material in his book is fully absorbed will his readers be able to apply the knowledge in their own lives and hence benefit from it. Contrast this experience with reading a scientific journal, where the inability to grasp technical material may turn one away from it. Tumors Aren't A Big Deal received amazing positive feedback from people around the world. People are notifying Coach Gregory constantly about how they can't put the book down and how they keep rereading it over and over. They are amazed how comprehensive it is. Not only that, people are changing their diet immediately and starting their 1 month detox program with Coach Gregory. Long says, "It's an amazing experience to watch people experience life changing results as fast as 6 days into my detox program. Every great coach has a playbook to improve his team. My playbook just happens to be fruit and botanicals."

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Book cover of Tumors Aren't A Big Deal

While one may be quick to jump to conclusions from glancing at the book's title, Long mentions: "From looking at the title some people may think the book is just about tumors. Honestly, I could have named the book "Diabetes Isn't A Big Deal", or "High Blood Pressure Isn't A Big Deal" and so on with the most common illnesses the people are facing today. The book goes into more than just tumors. It talks about the whole body. Long decided to name it "Tumors Aren't A Big Deal" because he read about how a lot of women were suffering in silence with fibroids, and complained about the lack of information on how to get rid of them naturally. There are a lot of sellers on the market today convincing people that to be healthy one just has to take natural supplements and lose weight. Health is more than just that. Long's belief is that one should educate themselves on how the body works before they buy products. Everybody has a decision to make before they eat. Keep the body at-ease, or put the body in dis-ease.

Long believes that one of the reasons why his Eyes Tell All Detox Club is so effective is due to the 4-step approach towards holistic healing. These are the 4 steps he has his club members memorize: Digestion, Absorption, Utilization, and Elimination. Now these 4 steps have been taken and turned into a book so that one can learn on their own. Long defines someone to be healthy as anybody who can (1) digest their food, (2) absorb the minerals and vitamins from their food, (3) utilize them and (4) eliminate what the body doesn't need. If the food one consumes stops at any of these steps,they will experience negative symptoms. Throughout the chapters, each process is explained in detail which allows the reader to not get lost or feel overwhelmed. For example, a reader who experiences symptoms of gas or bloating of the stomach can refer to the book, look up the potential cause and then figure out which organ(s) are involved. This step-by-step process helps readers to understand the underlying causes rather than look at surface-level treatments of the symptoms only.

Long has years of experience coaching people worldwide. His experience has shone through as early reviewers have mentioned that the book really stands out by delving into the "how-to's" of how the body works, a key missing area of many health-related books which mainly cover lifestyles and diets. The typical book normally makes recommendations with little to no explanation of why it works or how it works.

Interested readers can purchase Tumors Aren't A Big Deal on Amazon.

Gregory Long, the founder of Eyes Tell All Detox Club, was born with the ability to learn and educate others with information continuously. He has plunged into the literary world with Tumors Aren't A Big Deal due to his Certification in Detoxification and Masters in Educational Leadership. He has outstandingly intermingled both disciplines in this book. His ultimate goal is to spread the word of regenerative healing of the human body to as many people as possible, helping others from all around the world and all walks of life who may suffer from a variety of chronic conditions to live a dis-ease free life.


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