Revise Raises $3.5m to Revolutionize NFTs Development for Programmers

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - May 1, 2022) - Revise is a cutting-edge programming and governance protocol for NFTs. Using Revise, developers may program NFTs to interact with applications and data without compromising on governance, giving developers more flexibility. As a starting point, programmers may create a unique NFT program by configuring a trigger that is dependent on the data stream. This transforms NFTs from static pictures into interactive objects that can respond to applications and actual events. Moreover, developers may activate scan views to get local proof of evolution for the off and on-chain data. It allows them to reliably verify the audit trail for the NFT as it updates the token data and selects between IPFS or Web2 layers, all while maintaining the highest level of possible security requirements.

Revise plans to open-source data management layers of its stack, enabling community governance and contribution, with the main version of the SDK being available on NPM. Ludo Labs, for example, used the Revise SDK to build redeemable incentives for NFT owners.

Led by AlphaWave Global and 8i, the $3.5 million seed investment round for Revise included participation from notable investors such as Sandeep Nailwal of Polygon, Scott Lewis of DEFI Pulse, Utsav Somani of AngelList, Bharat Founders Fund, Rahul Chaudhary of Treebo, and Pranav Maheshwari from TheGraph. Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder of Polygon commented, "I am happy to support Raunaq and Anil's vision for the NFT space. Programming NFTs unlocks powerful new ways for artists and developers alike to express their creativity and bring people closer to becoming web3 natives. Excited to be on board this journey with them!"

Unlike today's generations of content platforms that monetize people's attention while keeping the underlying logic behind their algorithms confidential, future content platforms will operate with people owning their digital footprint in the form of NFTs. Users will be able to receive a part of the revenue generated by their online actions thanks to NFTs with deep, native integrations with apps and a progressive opening of the business models.

"As NFTs go from culture to utility, Revise aims to lower the barrier to programming NFTs. With Revise in their toolkit, developers can offer creative and powerful utilities to their community through their NFT without sacrificing governance," Raunaq Vaisoha, Co-Founder & CEO at Revise who began his career in blockchain back in 2015 as a journalist for CoinTelegraph.

Raunaq Vaisoha and Anil Dukkipatty, co-founders of Revise, have been working in the cryptocurrency industry for more than eight years and have already constructed Proof of Stake networks that can process 30,000 transactions per second at peak concurrency, while maintaining comprehensive multi-party governance. In their previous business, Elemential Labs, they collaborated with significant corporations such as the NSE, NSDL, CAMS, ICICI Bank, and many others.

Revise looks forward to engage with early adopters and is inviting developers to contribute to the next generation of interactive NFTs

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About Revise

Revise is an innovative rails for developing NFTs to interact with apps and data without sacrificing good governance.

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