Finally, a Cryptocurrency with a Seriously Good Cause

The new hyper deflationary CareCoin seeks to make philanthropists out of cryptocurrency holders

Alvarado, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - April 21, 2022) - Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and all lovers of decentralized finance, will be pleased to learn that a new cryptocurrency has been created with a seriously good cause built into its utilities. The new CareCoin is a hyper-deflationary token that was developed on the Binance Smart Chain to help the least privileged and those in distress benefit from the amazing possibilities of decentralized finance.

According to the creators, CareCoin was built on the principles of love and care and will enable holders to take advantage of the strength of the CareCoin community to make a positive impact and change the world for good.

"While we're all excited about the amazing opportunities being created by DeFi, there are others out there who don't even have the luxury of being a part of the conversation because they're still struggling with basic things such as food, clothes, and shelter. And that's why we built this new coin, to ensure that all people in the world, both the fortunate and struggling, can benefit from cryptocurrency."

The new charity focused crypto token has pledged 2% of all transactions to be donated to charity and humanitarian organizations which will be chosen by members of the community. CareCoin insists that decentralization is the key to empowering people all around the world to better protect their rights and ensure the creation of a truly equitable society.

The new hyper-deflationary token also seeks to carve out a space in the Metaverse for those in need, by building a CareVerse which will serve as a hub of Virtual Reality Categorized Interest Rooms, where people can come together to talk about specific ailments and conditions that affect them in real life, as well as find support for their causes.

Other amazing utilities of the comprehensive CareCoin ecosystem include a CareWallet that supports popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, BitCoin, and BNB, as well as a CareCard for processing crypto purchases everywhere Visa is accepted.

The creators of CareCoin have also revealed that they are almost done with the development of a CareDex exchange that will allow holders to easily access CareCoins, as well as other major stable cryptocurrencies. Perhaps the greatest feature of CareCoin is the fact that the massive ecosystem built around the coin actually gives back to the holders and to charities, people and villages around the world.

To learn more about this incredible new crypto token with a selfless mission, please visit the CareCoin website at: or join their Telegram Group at

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