Dex Finance, A New-Gen Decentralized Ecosystem Designed to Empower Crypto Investors

February 11, 2022 4:44 AM EST | Source: Grooming Web Technologies

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - February 11, 2022) - To help level the playing field for new and less experienced crypto investors, a team of developers and analysts created a new ecosystem called Dex Finance. Dex Finance empowers users by simplifying the advanced trading strategies employed by experienced investors and promotes growth through a low-risk algorithmic trading model.

More about the Dex Finance ecosystem

There are three key features of the project: an ecosystem of various decentralized financial products, automated trading tools for profit-making and a unique economic model that helps investors insure their deposits.

"Dex Finance is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) providing an ecosystem of financial products with safe and sustainable yields. Our core products consist of the Dex Money Market, dexIRA & dexETF," says the spokesperson for Dex Finance.

Dex Money Market

  • Dex Money Market is an algorithmic reserve protocol with yield generating auto compounded strategies and ETF rewards, which consists of two corresponding tokens, USDEX & dexSHARES. The Dex Money Market leverages the best features of existing protocols while avoiding its predecessor's pitfalls.

  • One regulation staking pool: Unlike precursive projects, Dex Finance uses only one regulation staking pool. In this system, the price of the peg token is regulated by smart contracts, not investors. The protocol's underlying mechanism dynamically buys and sells the supply of USDEX, pushing its price up or down relative to the price of USDC.

  • Multi-step auto compounded strategies: Dex Finance enables users to stake their tokens within a multi-step strategy rather than manually having to adjust for interest rates and market fluctuations. Investors receive a single receipt token which carries the same value as if they were navigating in and out of multiple farm pools. This increases the efficiency with which an investor can grow their position, and reduces the burden on them to be attentive to multiple strategies.

  • Reduced sell pressure: Developers of the Dex Money Market built in a portion of the rewards to be distributed in a third currency, the dexETF, thereby relieving sell pressure caused by mercenary yield farmers and large buyers who invest to take advantage of high APR percentages from farms but often dump their rewards and exit on the same day they arrived.

  • Protocol owned liquidity: In order to incentivize users, Money Market tokens can be purchased at a discount in a process known as "Bonding". Bonds have a vesting period to prevent users from selling all the discounted tokens at once for a quick profit. The list of bondable tokens includes currencies such as dexIRA and dexETF, ensuring consistent buy pressure for native tokens within the ecosystem.


dexETF is a non-custodial crypto management protocol which enables easy investment into multiple crypto assets within a single purchase.

The platform will allow inexperienced users to correctly form strategies for entering the crypto market. The functionality of the system will provide everything necessary for trading and storing market assets.

In order to create a healthy autonomous system and bolster the liquidity of tokens within the Dex ecosystem, the flagship ETF will include allocations of USDEX, dexSHARES and dexIRA thus facilitating consistent buy pressure on the native tokens.


In July 2021, Dex Finance successfully launched the world's first multi-currency rewards-based token that combines long-term investment strategies with community-driven investment opportunities. 

Features of dexIRA 

  • $DEX buyers pay no fees or taxes, which promotes long-term investment.
  • $DEX sellers pay a 30% sell fee, which discourages speculative trading. After one year, the 30% sales tax is waived.


dexPAD is a tool to support the launch of new crypto projects by attracting venture investors.

dexPAD will showcase a fixed tier system, where allocations are solely based on the number of dexIRA tokens held. Token allocation is based on a first come first serve basis, combined with a max cap per wallet.

Dex Finance: Autonomously governed. Yield Driven

The company's slogan, "Autonomously governed. Yield Driven", is indicative of the core values behind the project. It is the first DAO that has integrated advanced solutions for high-yield and maximally safe investments into its ecosystem.

Thanks to comprehensive solutions and advanced decentralized technologies, the project team manages to hedge risks and minimize the number of errors in investments.

Let us move into a new era of decentralization with Dex Finance!




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