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  • Dryden Partners Decides to Delay the Opening of Their Office in Europe

    Taipei, Taiwan--(Newsfile Corp. - September 26, 2022) - At a press conference, Steve Dryden, Chairman of Dryden Partners has stated that the official launch of their new Zurich office has been postponed until the second quarter of 2023. The federal and state levels of government in Switzerland are preparing for "extreme scenarios" in light of potential energy shortages this coming season. As energy prices have skyrocketed, several governments have had to make cuts to their budgets. Russia's state-run energy business...

    2022-09-26 11:54 AM EDT
  • Giraffe University's Chris Jarvis Launches Find Your Wild Factor - A 4-Minute Assessment for Happier Employees

    Dallas, Texas--(Newsfile Corp. - September 20, 2022) - Giraffe University's Chris Jarvis has launched a new system Find Your Wild Factor to help businesses and business owners make stronger and quicker connections with employees, clients, and future customers. This program includes a 4-minute online assessment, the Go Wild book, and UNCAGED hybrid (online/live) course that can be mixed and matched to help businesses of all sizes.

    2022-09-20 9:29 AM EDT
  • DentaFLY Announces Robotic-Assisted Dentistry Implants Treatment

    Antalya, Turkey--(Newsfile Corp. - September 12, 2022) - Dr. Soner Arıkan's dental clinic DentaFLY is now offering digitized patient care through its robotics-assisted dentistry implants. DentaFLY's robotic implant treatment in Antalya utilizes FDA-approved devices, ensuring a painless procedure. The robot-assisted implant treatment will place implants within fifteen to twenty minutes and offers a minimally invasive approach. The highly-digitized process will ensure extensive results, greater precision, and quick healing. "At DentaFLY, we provide zygomatic implant treatment using digital dentistry. Our robotic...

    2022-09-12 8:48 AM EDT
  • Graduate Scope Surpasses the Milestone of 1,000+ Customers

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - September 8, 2022) - Career Development platform Graduate Scope LLC has reached a milestone of helping 1,000+ US professionals since its launch in the United States in March 2022.Founded by Mohamed Suwaid, an ex-London banker and a graduate from the London School of Economics, Graduate Scope, in the span of just a few months, has helped over a thousand students, graduates and prospective job applicants land their dream jobs at global powerhouse companies.

    2022-09-08 9:23 AM EDT
  • R.S. Andrews Announces Air Conditioner Installation Services in Greater Atlanta Areas

    Atlanta, Georgia--(Newsfile Corp. - September 8, 2022) -  R.S. Andrews recently announced that it has received a record-breaking number of air conditioner installation inquiries this summer. To help more customers across Georgia beat the summer heat, the company has now announced broadening of its air conditioner installation services across the greater metro Atlanta area.The current extreme weather conditions have led to a spike in relatively high temperatures, and as such, there is a greater need for air conditioner installation services....

    2022-09-08 8:50 AM EDT
  • Dryden Partners Conducts Survey of Their South African Clients

    Taipei, Taiwan--(Newsfile Corp. - September 6, 2022) - Dryden Partners, the advisory investment firm based in Taipei City recently concluded a survey in South Africa about investing offshore to hedge against the rand and rising inflation. Primarily, the data shows that 96% of respondents are worried about the rand and high inflation, with 90.5% believing that investing offshore is essential to hedge against inflation."Increasing numbers of South African citizens are making offshore investments and/or accumulating overseas assets, necessitating a broader...

    2022-09-06 8:57 AM EDT
  • Derek Lewis Joins Dryden Partner as President of Mergers and Acquisitions

    Zurich, Switzerland--(Newsfile Corp. - August 10, 2022) - Dryden Partners, the global investment firm based in Taiwan and Switzerland, has announced that Derek Lewis has joined the firm as President of Mergers & Acquisitions to lead the firm's expansion and to strengthen its public focus. Derek Lewis will report to Steve Dryden, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charles Dunn.More than $50 billion has been acquired by Mr. Lewis throughout the course of his career in M&A. Derek will be based...

    2022-08-10 8:34 AM EDT
  • Is Finally Acquired After 13 Years on the Market

    San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 28, 2022) - Rick Simpson Oil Center, a cancer recovery non-profit group from California, has announced that it's acquired The company didn't disclose the details of the deal, but they've confirmed that the acquisition price was high enough to prevent anyone from purchasing the domain in the last 13 years.

    2022-07-28 2:29 PM EDT