NZTE & Blockchain Innovators of New Zealand to Host Webinar

Christchurch, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - January 16, 2022) - Some of the leading minds within the NZ blockchain market are set to come together on 18/01, to discuss both hurdles and achievements within the cryptocurrency sector, in both NZ and global markets. The webinar will feature some pioneers within their relevant vertical, as they outline their thoughts to some of the biggest questions facing the industry - and how the NZ market can answer them, and thrive accordingly in the future.

The panel includes a variety of personalities from government agencies, to crypto exchanges, marketers and a blockchain gaming project. The webinar is free to join, and open to all - whether NZ-based or not!

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What's included in the webinar?

During the session, the panel will explore a spectrum of crypto topics, with a view to provide open, transparent dialogue regarding the future of blockchain in NZ and worldwide. It's no longer a case of "if'' in regards to cryptocurrency adoption, it's "when", and the panelists will look to answer head-on how they will go about driving adoption, whilst honestly discussing the current limitations and misconceptions within the space.

The webinar will be hosted by NZTE, to provide some first-hand insights as to how the New Zealand Government looks to potentially strategise around cryptocurrency, and how the NZTE could potentially help the sector. The webinar see's the commencement of Ruby Play Network working directly with the NZTE in order to effectively understand policy, and ultimately remain compliant, whilst accessing resources to help the platform grow.

The initial format will be through a Q&A style, with questions being posed to the panelists by Chief Growth Officer-turned-moderator Rob Carroll. The initial Q&A will be between the panel, however the last section will be opened to webinar attendees to ask hard-hitting questions.

The Panel - Who Are They?

In order to provide as diverse an opinion as possible, the panelists were selected across varying crypto business types. Each business has its own story as to how they are involved in the cryptocurrency circuit, with their own recipe for success relevant to their target market. The session will be focused on these projects in particular due to their NZ-entrenched roots, however the webinar itself is accessible to a global audience.

The Panelists:

What is the purpose of the webinar?

Put simply, to highlight the potential within blockchain and how the panelists are going about it, whilst dispelling the most popular myths currently in supply. Today's crypto buzzwords, including NFTs and Web3, alienate some potential new crypto adopters simply through the thought of being left behind, or that the space has developed too quickly for them to comprehend or reasonably understand.

The webinar will be purely informational in nature, with a platform being provided to attendees to ask questions to all, or a specific member of the panel. The key purpose of the webinar is to provide attendees with new-found knowledge as to who is currently leading the way within NZ blockchain, and how both NZ-based and worldwide crypto users can benefit from the efforts of the panel - and what potential governmental support will be available.

Next Steps

The webinar will commence at 12PM NZDT on 18/01, with the session expected to last around an hour - allowing for questions to be posed to the panel by attendees. The session will be catered to all crypto knowledge-sets, and is designed to provide both the inexperienced crypto user, to the most-practiced day trader - the intel to create better informed decisions in regards to blockchain development and its potential.

Attending the webinar is free of charge, with attendance being confirmed through the below webinar registration link:

Webinar Registration:

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