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Recent News

  • Firstrade Crypto Live Nationwide: First Major Traditional Online Brokerage to Offer Crypto Trading

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - May 3, 2022) - Firstrade Securities, a leading commission-free online brokerage, launched crypto trading on its app through Firstrade Crypto LLC. It is available in all U.S. states starting today. Cryptocurrency markets continue to flourish as traders are increasingly looking to alternative investment opportunities. Likewise, the maturation of the crypto investor has drawn many to seek out more traditional investments and diversify their portfolios. Firstrade's newly integrated platform allows interoperability among all investment types....

    2022-05-03 8:00 AM EDT
  • Ruby Play Partner Strawberry Sweeps Launches Social Crypto Casino

    Mexico City, Mexico--(Newsfile Corp. - April 22, 2022) -  Strawberry Sweeps, a social crypto casino-style gaming platform has officially gone live via soft launch. The sweepstake and crypto casino slot games are available for users to play using in-game strawberry currency, with winnings on the sweepstakes then redeemable in popular stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.The soft launch rollout also sees Strawberry begin its blockchain gaming partnership with the Ruby Play Network, with Strawberry Sweeps users being rewarded in $RUBY for purchases spent...

    2022-04-22 4:18 AM EDT
  • Firstrade Adds Crypto Trading

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - April 11, 2022) - Firstrade Securities Inc., a leading commission-free online brokerage, has added crypto trading to its platform. It is available by invitation to selected Firstrade customers starting today and to investors nationwide soon.Backed by 37-years of trusted experience in the securities industry, Firstrade is the only leading traditional online brokerage to offer a wide range of investment products and cryptocurrencies in one place. "In line with the exponential increase in cryptocurrency adoption...

    2022-04-11 8:24 AM EDT
  • Crypto Marketers Coinpresso to Attend Bitcoin 2022

    Auckland, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - April 4, 2022) - Crypto advertising agency Coinpresso will be attending Bitcoin 2022 in Miami just a few days time. From April 6 - 9 Bitcoiners, business and political elites, world-recognized entertainers and athletes will all converge upon the Miami Beach Convention Center and the surrounding area. They will all gather around Bitcoin and interact with one another both in celebration of the world's first official triple-accounting system and its further adoption beyond its meteoric...

    2022-04-04 4:00 AM EDT
  • Bitcoin 2022 Industry Day to Provide Crypto Networking Event

    Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - April 3, 2022) - Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, Florida this year, will host Industry Day on the first of four days that will make up the BTC 2022 experience. Industry Day is made up of several unique events geared towards companies and individuals working within the Bitcoin industry, but will include a crypto networking meet and greet as well as an investor match-up and meet and greet, both of which will bring together companies and investors...

    2022-04-03 9:52 PM EDT
  • US Senator Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming) to Speak at BTC Miami

    Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - March 29, 2022) - It has been confirmed that Bitcoin-famous, Wyoming state republican party US Senator Cynthia Lummis will be in attendance as a speaker at this year's Bitcoin Miami. The massive Bitcoin 2022 experience has quite an A-List of speakers this year for the 4 day experience that will get underway on April 6, sitting in the midst of the annual Bitcoin week.

    2022-03-29 4:26 PM EDT
  • $RUBY Token Staking and Farming Live on Multiple Platforms

    Christchurch, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - March 29, 2022) - The Ruby Play Network is pleased to announce the launch of staking and farming opportunities for the RUBY token, in partnership with blockchain gaming counterparts - Strawberry. The $RUBY token can now be staked and farmed through a variety of third party platforms, with attractive APR and APY available, depending on number of coins, staked terms and the users' staking platform of choice. At time of writing, the current APY for...

    2022-03-29 1:35 PM EDT
  • New Swingby Network SkyPools Swap-Bridge Hybrid Goes Live

    Singapore City, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - March 28, 2022) - Swingby Network has launched the Skypools Bitcoin-ETH swap-bridge hybrid live for public use. The Skypools swap-bridge allows traders to easily swap between BTC and the Ethereum network coins which are built, deployed and traded on the ERC20 blockchain environment.Swingby network users were already using the Skybridge protocol, which is the fundamental development of the network. Until now Skybridge has enabled Swingby network users to swap between forms of Bitcoin and wrapped...

    2022-03-28 5:46 PM EDT