Sprout AI Inc. Announces Filing of Patents

Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - December 14, 2021) - Sprout AI Inc. (CSE: BYFM) ("Sprout AI" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that as of December 13th, 2021, the Company has successfully filed a patent on its newest version of Sprout AI indoor vertical cultivation habitat technology. This new patent (Sprout AI V2) focuses on Sprout AI as a novel collection of systems. The emphasis is Sprout AI's V2 ability to cultivate indoors using modular habitats on rolling racks, that include dual plant and root zones to offer the maximum effectiveness of different environments for plant and root utilizing fogponics. Fogponics, uses a fraction of the water required by aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponic irrigation technologies, but has often been challenged in providing harmful excess heat to the plant root zone. Sprout AI V2 has designed a system that manages this excess heat, and when coupled with Sprout AI V2's robust air sanitation and dehumidification technologies, it is able to produce more water than used, making Sprout AI V2 uniquely water neutral. Spout AI V2 is also designed to optimize power use, switching to green power sources, as well as utilizing existing power voltage and frequency to operate making it truly universal to set up and operate globally. Sprout AI's V2 is a unique modular structure, which can be stand-alone or based on vertical rolling racks, making the best use of cubic cultivation space. When coupled with Sprout AI's software which measures and manages crops from seed or cutting through to harvest, enables maximum use of cubic space within confined, high price, city real estate locations.

According to Chris Bolton, CEO for Sprout AI, "Sprout V2 marks a significant leap forward from our previous V1 Sprout AI systems and technology. Having learned from V1's strengths and weaknesses, we've developed an entirely new way to transport nutrients to plant roots as well as measure, manage, analyze and control plant batch development. Furthermore, Sprout V2's ability to separate root zone from plant zone enables us to cultivate any plant that requires different root and plant environments, in terms of temperature, humidity and light exposure. Imagine a root zone that is at 17C and a plant zone that is at 28C and optimized to reduce batch cycle time and increase batch yield. That is the power of Sprout AI V2! That is Beyond Farming!" Sprout AI will be releasing a White Paper on, or before, December 17th entitled "Vertical Indoor Farming Segmentation" which explains how Sprout AI fits within this emerging sector and how Sprout AI V2 is taking a position as a market leader.

Sprout AI is working to aggressively protect its intellectual property in key markets globally. As reported earlier, given Spout AI's international presence, Sprout AI has also recently increased its Trademark (TM) of "Sprout AI" and "Beyond Farming" to over 40 countries. As of today, Sprout AI was also informed that penal action has also moved forward against individuals who had worked, and or had access to detailed information regarding Sprout AI version 1 (V1) technologies. Under Panamanian law, theft of intellectual property is deemed to be a criminal offence. The basis of the penal action is that these individuals, in breach of their employment agreements and/or mutual non-disclosure agreements (MNDA)'s, used confidential information and/or assets to commence their own business which may have resulted in the loss of sales opportunities.

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About Sprout AI

Sprout AI is a technology company in the business of planning, designing, manufacturing and/or assembling scalable AI-controlled vertical cultivation equipment for international urban farming. The adaptive technology produces an environment with improved growing parameters and early detection of adverse conditions resulting in consistent and repeatable crops, with shorter cultivation cycles, independent of geographic climates. The self-contained multi-level rolling rack technology increases the cubic cultivation area while mitigating the risk of outside and cross-contaminants.

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