New Solar Energy Book Explains How to Save Money on Electric Bills

December 09, 2021 9:02 AM EST | Source: Grooming Web Technologies

Arcata, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 9, 2021) - Solar energy experts Lonny Grafman and Joshua Pearce have published To Catch the Sun, their new book through HSU Press. It is a collection of inspiring stories of communities from all over the world coming together to harness solar energy to meet their needs. In addition to the entertaining stories, the book gives all of the details - in easily understood language - on exactly how any reader can do it too!

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Book - To Catch the Sun

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"Over the last few years solar photovoltaic costs have plummeted, and now these systems are the least expensive method of making electricity. Period. No games. No subsidies are needed. Solar energy is just shockingly cheap," says co-author Joshua Pearce. "Capital costs for solar energy can still be expensive up front. This is where the book comes in to help lower these costs. If you know which end of the screwdriver is the handle, you can cut the costs of solar systems in half by building most of your own systems," explains Pearce. The two authors carefully walk beginners through the process of making solar energy systems that match their own needs perfectly.

Best of all it is an open access book. Free digital copies of To Catch the Sun can be found at Paperback copies are also available at any of your favorite booksellers. All proceeds from sales of physical copies are being used to support the Appropedia Foundation to ensure the information is freely available and kept up to date.

This book will educate the reader through:

  • Explaining the Technology - the book uses simple descriptions and diagrams, alongside real-life examples that apply the knowledge. The book begins with smaller systems to ease the reader into things, and once this has been mastered, the reader can move onto larger systems.

  • Math and Science - the math is detailed, yet easy to understand. This allows readers to correctly size the system for all environments and uses.

  • Inspirational Stories - accounts from communities that have successfully built their own photovoltaic system.

Where would a solar photovoltaic system be useful?

  • Cutting home energy bills
  • A home in a financially poor country
  • Schools and community spaces
  • A mobile home
  • Camping
  • An emergency energy supply
  • Single system equipment like lights or automatic gates

About the Authors: Lonny Grafman is from Humboldt State University and builds solar systems all over the world. Joshua Pearce is a professor at Western University where he serves as the Thompson Chair in Information Technology & Innovation. He is one of the leading photovoltaic researchers in the world.

Between Joshua's state-of-the-art photovoltaic labs and Lonny's experience in the field, they have tested hundreds of different solar systems and completed studies on them. This has allowed them to assist readers in completing solar projects in an easy and fun way.

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