Reflectocoin Invites the Public to Check Out Its Crypto Ecosystem

Podgorica, Montenegro--(Newsfile Corp. - December 8, 2021) - The Reflectocoin Team is pleased to announce the release of its ecosystem which is believed to positively influence the way cryptocurrencies are perceived.

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Reflecto is a liquidity generation protocol on automated and seamless yield farming. The liquidity generated is shared amongst investors to increase their token portfolio, and for newbie investors, jumpstart their investing journey with just under 30% reward on every Reflecto bought.

How Is Reflectocoin Different from Other Reflection Protocols?

The cryptocurrency space has been host to many protocols that are simply rip-offs of pre-existing ones and are devoid of innovation. Nor do they solve real-world problems. As seen on the info available on their website and Whitepaper, Reflectocoin means business. The idea of reflection coins and tokens being a gimmick of the crypto world may have just been put to bed. Here are a few reasons why.

Ultra Utility and Scalability

Utility and scalability are vital metrics in determining the future of a project and the valuation of its token, with market shocks taken into consideration. The team has an Application Programming Interface (API) in the works that will enable developers to build wallets with zero gas charges in transactions.

Exponential Reflections

Reflectocoin offers a class-leading 26% reward for every Reflecto transaction. The reward will be in three tokens; two reflection coins (EverGrow and Crypter) and the Binance Smart Chain pegged BUSD. Ten percent is shared amongst all three tokens, which results in 3.33% shares. And EverGrow and Crypter reward its holders 8% in BUSD each for every transaction made.

A 10% initial reward and a 16% (8% each) secondary reward from the other two reflection coins sum up to 26%.

A More Even Buying Action

Reflecto has an inbuilt failsafe called the anti-whale. This system prevents big-money investors from buying more than 0.125% of the total supply at any point in time. Unlike other protocols and blockchain platforms, investors can buy as much as they want and as much as their money allows them. The lack of restriction empowers such investors to manipulate the market in their favor. This is because they can sell or swing trade large amounts, which causes a reduced unit valuation of the token due to a reduction in liquidity.

Its Tokenomics Model

Before presale, 50% of the total supply of Reflectos was burnt, and 45% was set for presale and initial liquidity. As more and more transactions involving Reflectos are made, a proportional volume will be burned to cause them to be scarcer. The rate of burning will be much faster when compared to other blockchain platforms because it is.

Holders Enjoy Staking Benefits with No Associated Risks

Reflecto aims to even out the risk-safety balance with its reflection model. Usually, token holders have the choice of holding for the long-term or contributing to the liquidity pool for returns. But the problem with the latter decision is that they do not benefit from increased valuation of tokens as they should if the coin is stacked away in their wallet.

Reflectocoin's reward system is modeled in a way that does not mandate holders to stake. Nonetheless, everyone enjoys and shares in Reflecto's revenue without having to risk the reduction in rewards that may accompany staking.

About Reflectocoin

Refelecto is a reflection coin based on the BSC architecture that works on autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. Upon launch, it became the first cryptocurrency to reward its users in multiple tokens.

The team backing Reflecto intends to make the project worthwhile with a future of utility and use cases in-store. Liquidity has been locked for the next decade to keep everyone committed to the vision.

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