Former President of Croatia Strongly Supports Metaverse World and Wrote a Letter of Support and Sent His Congratulations in Person

Zagreb, Croatia--(Newsfile Corp. - December 6, 2021) - With the support of the Croatian government, Metaverse World was jointly initiated and established by world-renowned financial, insurance, and technology companies and blockchain leaders. It is a Fintech enterprise dedicated to the development of Metaverse technology, equipment production, application experience, and global digital currency trading and settlement. Metaverse World is committed to building an ultimate decentralized Metaverse Digital Citizen Platform based on blockchain technology, which will be released to the world. Every digital citizenship is a unique NFT, which is the only pass to enter the Metaverse virtual world, and is strongly supported by the Croatian government.

The Metaverse World headquarters is located at the site of Tito's Institute of Political Sciences in Croatia, which hosted 186 presidents and trained more than 1,500 politicians.

On November 20, 2021, Stjepan Mesic, the Former President of the Republic of Croatia, wrote a letter of support for the Metaverse World, and sent his congratulations in person, expressing his strong support for the Metaverse World.

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Croatia Former President Stjepan Mesic

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Stjepan Mesic was born in Orahovica, Croatia on December 24, 1934, and worked as a lawyer after graduating from the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb in 1961. In July 1991, he served as chairman of the Presidium of the Southern Federation. He was elected as the chairman of the parliament in September 1992. In 1997, Mesic served as the vice chairman of the People's Party, and was elected as President of Croatia in February 2000. He was re-elected as President in January 2005.

In the letter of support, Stjepan Mesic said: I have always advocated for the improvement of political and economic relations between Croatia and other countries, creating a unique model that combines elements of a market economy, based on the principles of mutual respect of equal partners whose mutual relations permeate all spheres of business and social life. This is the only and correct way to achieve economic goals.

Today is the age of digitalization of all spheres of society, today mobile phones and computers are an indispensable part of business communication, everyday life of every resident, and the Internet is a support for all those who want to keep and realize the right to their own path of development, a new step forward in the development of the digital world that has become a necessity. Because of all the above, I look forward to and support the establishment of this new company Metaverse World Ltd. and whose founders and investors have chosen the Republic of Croatia as the center of development of this new digital world.

Metaverse - the name of the activities of the world's largest companies such as Facebook, Roblox, Google and others that have already started investing in the development of technologies that will enable interaction in this, let's call it, new Internet that will become not only a virtual world but also interactive in the true sense of the word. The Metaverse era is a great opportunity for Croatia to become digitalized.

With this, I want to support the mentioned business ideas and that you, as the founders, realize them without bureaucratic barriers and in that way improve the efficiency of the realization of common business interests.

Your company, Metaverse World, can also count on the full support of all institutions in the Republic of Croatia. This is evidenced by the recently adopted law on digital nomads, your investors have a free opportunity in the development of digital financial services, the exchange of digital currencies. Digital citizenship is a trend that all countries strive for and Croatia has already shown by the example of Rimac and lnfobip how quickly it can adapt to new world trends and gave real investors special conditions for business visas and work permits to quickly bring in related talent and bring this branch of a whole new industry to the very top of the world.

I wish you success and give you my full support for the realization of the goals set by your mutual business cooperation.

Stjepan Mesic's letter of support not only expresses his personal support for the Metaverse World, but also shows the attitude of the Croatian government to support the Metaverse World and the development of digitalization. The new world in the future is the Metaverse World. Croatia and the Metaverse World will develop together and enter a new era.

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Mario Rendulic (left) and Stjepan Mesic (right), Chairman of Metaverse World

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