Ruby Play and Coinpresso Alliance Confirmed

December 04, 2021 5:31 PM EST | Source: Coinpresso

Christchurch, New Zealand--(Newsfile Corp. - December 4, 2021) -  Today, it has been announced that Ruby Play Network, a blockchain-powered, crypto gaming platform backed by the Binance Accelerator Fund - is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Coinpresso in order to pioneer cryptocurrency innovation within New Zealand. The announcement see's Coinpresso providing specialist crypto marketing support to Ruby Play, with a strategy now in place for the RUBY tokens listing on multiple exchanges, planned for early 2022.

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Ruby Play Network and Coinpresso Partnership

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What is the Ruby Play Network?

Ruby Play was initially created by a team of gaming and entertainment industry veterans based out of Christchurch, New Zealand, in 2018. The experience they have behind them is second to none, working with heavyweights like Disney, Zynga, Wargaming and Dreamworks. Additionally, they have received support from leading exchange Binance, receiving investment from the Binance Smart Chain Accelerator Fund, and are now seeing over 5 million dollars played through their US gaming division on average each month.

The Ruby Play Network provides a new kind of reward system that allows its users to earn the native token $RUBY as rewards for a variety of online games that they create and maintain. The project is responsible for several gaming verticals as well as the Ruby Play Token, $RUBY.

Ruby Play is more than just a gaming ecosystem for its own users, as the project also provides a service for various other partnered blockchain platforms that allows the issuing of RUBY tokens as rewards to their customers and users. They aim to empower their partner businesses and allow them to acquire and retain customers through the use of the native token.

Since its inception, the project has focused on consistent and steady growth with its sights set on getting things right the first time. They are using their relevant industry experience to create quality and engaging free-to-play games that provide real rewards for their users.

Ruby Plays Free-to-Play Online Games

Currently, the project has two online free-to-play games Ruby Sweeper and Spin2Win, for users to take advantage of and earn real rewards for doing nothing more than participating.

Ruby Sweeper is a Minesweeper-esque online game that users can play without charge or restraint. Each day the user can submit their highest score to receive the associated rewards directly to their nominated wallet.

Spin2Win is a spinner-based game that allows users to spin the wheel once per day to earn rewards ranging from 10,000 Rubys to exclusive NFTs from artist Boomer_gm.

The Ruby Play Native Token - $RUBY

The native token for the network and the backbone for the entire rewards ecosystem is the RUBY token. The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and aims to provide its users with complete control and transparency over the rewards they earn. Unlike other tokens or coins in the crypto space, the native token is created to be independent of the volatility often seen in the industry, gaining its value from utility within the ecosystem that they provide.

The token can be earned as a free reward for engaging with games and content on the network. Users will be able to choose how to use their rewards, unlike other current points based rewards platforms.

The token separates itself from other similar reward point structures seen on other platforms by providing unparalleled utility. Holders of the rewards token can always know the value of their RUBYs and can accumulate these tokens for a variety of planned future uses that will soon include spending on special offers and discounts, as well as goods and services.

The Ruby Play Network and Coinpresso Partnership

Coinpresso - a leading marketing agency specializing in the blockchain vertical, has been brought on board as partners to the project to provide ongoing support as full stack digital marketing specialists, with web development, crypto SEO, and content being at the forefront.

The Ruby Play Network is gearing up to release their native token RUBY for public sale and is expecting their first listing to go live in early 2022. They have a long list of planned developments and game releases coming in the near future, including but not limited to - a new game Strawberry Sweeps and its associated staking platform, NFT staking, a new and refreshed website, as well as exchange listings.

The project is creating a blockchain reward platform platform for businesses to engage and retain their customers, using the RUBY token as a new type of reward. In doing so, they are providing an ongoing use case and increased adoption for their token.

The advantage they possess is the combined knowledge of the blockchain world and the gaming industry that goes into every step of their strategy. As the gaming industry exponentially grows and adoption for blockchain into this industry becomes more established, Ruby Play will be at the forefront of this revolution and will bring its holders and players along with them.


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