Pulse Bomber Launches New Website and Mining Platform

Rosedale, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 18, 2021) - Pulse Bomber - a token with a state of the art crypto mining platform and aiming to make an eventual bridge to PulseChain once it becomes available - has today launched an enterprise-level website. The site provides the foundations for the projects' marketing efforts, and fast-approaching interoperable product suite.

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Pulse Bomber website goes live

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Pulse Bomber is a collateralized crypto that is currently being traded on the Binance Smart Chain. The native token of the ecosystem is $PULSEBOMBER, which provides holders with innovative tokenomics, featuring an instant rewards system through transactions. A buyback and burn protocol is among the unique aspects of the platform, because of its interaction with the circulating supply, compared to the usual non-circulating supply seen in current projects in the crypto space.

The Brand New Website

Pulse Bomber's new website has just launched, giving users a new hub to interact with the ecosystem - created to provide high passive income potential for all holders. The website has been designed and developed by Coinpresso - a leading crypto marketing agency specializing in full-stack digital marketing strategies - including web development, SEO and Content Marketing.

With professional support from reputational sources, it is expected to be top quality, and considering the intricate information available on the new website, it's clear Pulse Bomber and Coinpresso together have dedicated time and resources to giving their community and new investors a supportive environment, explained in great detail in their lengthy whitepaper.

The website features several pages outlining releases set to come to fruition in the near future. Opening with an appealing introductory page detailing key attributes of the project; including:

  • What is $PULSEBOMBER?
  • The PulseBomb Crypto Mining Platform
  • The 1:1 airdrop for PulseChain
  • Tokenomics
  • How Pulse Bomber works
  • Roadmap
  • Whitepaper
  • Buying guide

Each topic is explained in further detail in their respective pages, if users wish to learn more. The site has individual pages on the future releases including:

  • Metaverse
  • Crypto Staking
  • Crypto Launchpad
  • NFT Gaming
  • NFT Marketplace

These pages outline everything about their meaning, and how Pulse Bomber plans to implement each system.

The Pulse Bomber Mining Platform

The mining platform - created by the team at Pulse Bomber - is a potential passive income generator consisting of "Miners" that essentially work for the user, described as if each holder had their own mining company in crypto. The miner offers sustainable ROI with a daily average of 10% - upto 3650% APR - for users to earn through deposits, and their optional auto-compound feature. The ROI percentage may vary depending on the balance of the smart contract, but keeping it healthy is the main goal that came with the creation of the platform.

The platform features a 24-hour window for users maintaining their miner. Returning to the miner at some point everyday to claim the reward is crucial to attain the highest ROI. If users fail to complete this simple task within 24 hour intervals, the efficiency of the miners will slightly decrease.

The fees associated with the platform are 5% for deposits, and 25% for withdrawals, but a key feature is the removal of transaction fees on compounds - transactions within the miner itself. All fees are added to the liquidity pool - providing a sustainable increase in the platform's foundation fund.

Unique Buyback and Burn Tokenomics

The platform features a unique buyback and burn feature for the native $PULSEBOMBER token, with 10% of buyer fees, and 15% of seller fees contributing to the buyback wallet. Compared to general burns from the non-circulating supply seen in the crypto space, Pulse Bomber has a system in place that purchases tokens from the open market, and removes them from the supply.

This way users see a direct value increase in their holding due to immediate rise in scarcity of tokens, which is also dependent on the amount of buys and sells at that given time.

The Future of Pulse Bomber with Coinpresso

Pulse Bomber is currently partnered with Coinpresso, who have been, and will continue to assist the project in gaining worldwide exposure, and an increased market cap for the eventual bridge to PulseChain - to take the ecosystem to the next level. The marketcap is still considered to be low, as the project has only recently been incepted.

The project features a marketing wallet that gained over $140,000 in the first two days following the launch, providing the platform with adequate funds to grow. Through their numerous upcoming additions, there is strong potential for Pulse Bomber to reach their proposed goal of solidifying its listing as the first on PulseChain, as well as keeping a top position in terms of market value.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN
Telegram: https://t.me/PulseBomber

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Andreas Costa

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