The XFLOKIVERSE - An NFT Metaverse on the XRP Ledger

Rosedale, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 17, 2021) - XFLOKIVERSE is a brand new NFT gaming and collectible project that has just launched on the XRP ledger. The project is a combination of XFLOKI coins brought together to create a complete metaverse of different Floki characters, with an overall objective to become an NFT gaming metaverse - and to hold the title of the number one meme coin on the XRP ledger.

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xFlokiverse Has Launched on the XRP Ledger

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What is the XFLOKIVERSE?

XFLOKIVERSE is a new metaverse concept that consists of 3 separate tokens - XFLOKI, XFLOKIs and the XFLOKIVERSE. The XFLOKIVERSE is also the name for the NFT universe that will encompass all three tokens collectively, but individually, each token has its own specific purpose for the ecosystem.

  • $XFLOKI: The currency for the entire metaverse, required for all transactions and the unlocking of different and unique treasure chests.

  • $XFLOKIs: The XFLOKIs themselves are the in-game locked treasures, the buildings, and the other entities within the metaverse.

  • $XFLOKIVERSE: This is the universe items that include the planets, the environments, and the eventual marketplace for the future exchange, the trading services, and the soon-to-be-released game.

The concept is simple - holders of the $XFLOKI token will be given their very own NFT based on the number of tokens they hold. Through the collection of XFLOKIs, users are able to acquire a range of variable assets that they can use to level up and customize their personal NFTs. Lastly, through XFLOKIVERSE, you are able to acquire your own planet to manage your XFLOKI and XFLOKIs.

Options that are currently available include unique backdrops, borders, items, attributes, and enhancements with each one utilized to make the user's XFLOKI NFT unique and individual to them.

The XFLOKI and XFLOKIs Reward Tiers

The NFT metaverse will reward users in different tiers of XFLOKIs chests, each one unlockable and based on the total number of XFLOKI tokens they hold. Each tier will possess a unique range of items and abilities in varying rarity and quality, ranging from wood as a starter all the way through to the ultimate Dragon tier. The reward tier ranges for XFLOKI currently include:

  • Under 1 Billion tokens - Wood.
  • 1 Billion -19 Billion - Silver.
  • 20 Billion - 49 Billion - Gold.
  • 50 Billion - 99 Billion - Diamond.
  • 100 Billion - 499 Billion - Amethyst.
  • 500 Billion - 999 Billion - Ruby.
  • 1 Trillion plus - Dragon.

The higher the XFLOKI reward tier, the potential for more items and higher quality you could get from the XFLOKIs locked treasure chest.

The XFLOKIs tokens are the currency for purchasing in-game items. They are able to be collected, stacked, and then used to purchase a range of locked chests with variable tiers. Although these options are expected to be updated as the project develops, an example of the chests that are currently available include:

  • 1 x XFLOKIs - Locked Diamond Chest.
  • 5 x XFLOKIs - Locked Amethyst Chest.
  • 20 x XFLOKIs - Locked Red Dragon Chest.

Each tier has its own set of unique items and holders are encouraged to collect as many as they can to then create their own custom characters, with a unique appearance and items inside the XFLOKIVERSE.

The team behind the project has the vision to create a complete metaverse and gaming environment that will take advantage of all these extra items and abilities that the user collects through holding.

The Future of the XFLOKIVERSE

The team behind the project has some big plans for the creation of the metaverse and has already laid the groundwork for their overall objective. The end goal is to create a complete gaming ecosystem that utilizes the XFLOKI NFTs as in-game characters, with users able to take advantage of the items they unlock to help them play the game. Each NFT is completely customizable and each one can be made individual and unique.

A major short-term goal for the project is to garner as much attention as possible as they build up to the next phases of the metaverse creation. To help with this endeavor, the project has partnered with an expert crypto marketing agency - Coinpresso. The team at Coinpresso will be assisting the team throughout its journey by providing web development, SEO, social media management, and overall marketing assistance.

The upcoming metaverse and gaming ecosystem will encompass all three XFLOKI tokens. Each one plays an important role in the platform, enabling users to complete different tasks, collect unique in-game characters, and customize each one to make their character truly unique and personalized. As the project gets closer to the release of the complete gaming platform and ecosystem, the options will only increase and so will the community.


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