Liquid Craft's Dragon And Bourbon NFTs Launching 23rd November

Windsor, Colorado--(Newsfile Corp. - November 16, 2021) - Liquid Craft, a new project bringing big changes to the combined NFT and Liquor investment worlds, has announced a fresh launch date for their first series of collectible, liquor-backed NFTs. The launch is set for Nov 20th at 12 PM PST for initial presale, and Nov 23rd at 12 PM PST for public sale.

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Liquid Craft Liquor-backed NFTs to Launch

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The series is titled Dragons and Bourbon, and is the inception of a complete marketplace of Liquor-backed NFTs, from an assortment of international crafters. The objective of the upcoming marketplace is to provide a new option for crafters to reach a global audience and to enable a new investment opportunity for collectors of NFTs and fine liquor investors.

Liquid Crafts First NFT Release - Dragons and Bourbon

This first series from Liquid Craft - Dragons and Bourbon, is a collaboration between Liquid Craft and an international award-winning distiller from Windsor, Colorado - The Heart Distillery. Each individual NFT as part of this limited edition release will be backed by its own bottle of unique, handcrafted bourbon, specially crafted using homegrown and locally sourced ingredients by The Heart Distillery. This batch will be unavailable anywhere else and will not be replicated.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFTs can be traded numerous times and will stay with the crafter until redemption. An eventual owner can, at any point, decide to redeem their NFT for the physical product, in which case, a handover process (harvesting) will take place. The bottle will be transferred to the owner and the NFT will be removed from circulation.

Each NFT Purchase Eligible for Airdrops of $CRAFT Token

Due to the volume of this one-of-a-kind bourbon, the NFT series will be a strictly limited edition run of 1500 NFTs, one for each bottle crafted. The 1500 total supply will be split between two separate chains with 750 on each. The Tier One release will be on the Ethereum Network, and the Tier Two will be on the Binance Smart Chain.

Both tiers will be eligible for rewards in the form of airdrops of the native Liquid Craft token $CRAFT. The amounts per NFT slightly vary depending on the NFT tier purchased, with up to 4500 tokens for the Ethereum tier and up to 1500 for the Binance tier. Owners of the D&B NFTs will also be eligible for exclusive offers, discounts on future releases, and automatic entry into future promotions.

Liquid Crafts Objective

The Liquid Craft team consists of liquor enthusiasts and crypto investors, who believe blockchain technology can improve the existing traditional market while also bringing additional value to the NFT space.

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Liquid Craft aims to bring blockchain to liquid art

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For investors and collectors of fine liquors, the addition of NFTs to the investment process can reduce the need for many procedures involved with trading physical products. By utilizing the smart contract's ability to act as a digital ledger, trading the value of a collectible bottle of liquor can be as simple as trading an NFT through an online marketplace - removing the need for auction houses, brokers, shipping, and sufficient storage requirements.

For NFT collectors, adding additional value to an NFT can reduce the fear of losing value over time as Liquor is known as an appreciating asset class, with values of some increasing over 500% in the last decade.

NFTs Providing Additional Options for Crafters of Liquor

For Crafters, especially those impacted by the record lows in international tourism over the past 18 months, Liquid Craft is planning to offer what could be a much-needed service through their planned marketplace. The marketplace could provide benefits for crafters by allowing them to market their products to a new international audience and unlock a potential new revenue stream.

Nov 20th Presale - Nov 23rd Public Sale

The official release for whitelist participants is Nov 20th, at 12 PM PST and public sale is confirmed for Nov 23rd, at 12 PM PST. The release was expected to take place at the end of Oct but the team wanted to reconsider the networks for the series, based on concerns for congestion and increased gas prices. After more consideration and community feedback, the launch is going ahead on the previously mentioned November dates.

Leading up to the launch, Liquid Craft has numerous AMAs planned with leading cryptocurrency channels and groups, as well as social media promotions through Twitter and Discord. The promotions will all include Dragons and Bourbon NFTs as well as whitelist entries for eager buyers.

The lead-up to the launch will see Liquid Craft and new partners to the project - leading crypto advertising agency Coinpresso, undergoing a large marketing campaign to further increase awareness of the project's new launch date. Coinpresso will also be assisting with all of Liquid Craft's marketing efforts for all future releases.

All further information for this NFT release, promotions, and future updates for the project will be posted on their official social media pages and channels.


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