Radio Caca's ($RACA) & USM Metaverse Round 1 Distribution NFT Release: $33,000,000 Worth of Mystery Boxes NFT Sold Out in Just Two Hours

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - November 16, 2021) - Since the advent of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), many projects have boasted of selling out NFT collectibles. However, Radio Caca has been in the Binance NFT market and that has set it apart and made it very popular within the NFT marketplace. In October, Radio Caca maintained a whopping 40% of the total transaction volume that was executed on the Binance NFT marketplace. This is an indication that Radio Caca has a massive influence on the Binance NFT market and its blockchain protocol.

On November 7, Radio Caca commenced another Mystery Boxes NFT distribution. The most interesting thing is that it sold out NFTs worth over $33 million in a matter of two hours. It is another amazing achievement by Radio Caca considering its previous release accounted for more than 85% of Binance NFT Marketplaces' volume on the day of the release.

Overview of Radio Caca Mystery Boxes

The Radio Caca mystery boxes contain assets like Radio Caca's mini-game Metamon characters including N/R/SR rarity level Metamon and USM Land Parcels NFTs. The most sought-after NFT in Radio Caca's community is MPB NFT. The November 7 release had 10 MPB in it.

Mystery Box Revenue Distribution Plan

According to Radio Caca's report, 50% of the revenue from the mystery box distribution will go into funding tech development. To promote the Radio Caca NFTs, 40% of the revenue will go into marketing activities like the signing of celebrities and Metaverse movie production. The remaining 10% will go to liquidity pools. Specifically, while 5% is used to buy back RACA tokens from the public market, the remaining 5% will be swapped for liquid assets such as ETH or USDT. Once all that has been done, they will add the pair (RACA/ETH in this case) into the liquidity pool on Uniswap.

The liquidity pool will be locked for a period of 100 years. The implication is that the liquidity pool tokens will be locked inside the protocol forever. According to their report, they are more interested in building a larger and highly attractive liquidity pool in the market. This will ensure that whenever BTC is experiencing a bear market, the RACA token will have an independent performance.

Radio Caca Strategy For Upcoming Distributions

Radio Caca plans to sell four more rounds that will accept either USDT or ETH as payment options in 2022. All of the other rounds (there will be a total of 30 rounds) and for the rest of 2021, the RACA token will be the only acceptable payment token. RACA profit worth over $33 million from the November 7 Round 1 distribution is enough to cover all expenses of the development team for the next 3 years.

Assuming the sales for the upcoming four release rounds in 2022 are similar to round one, the net profit generated will be around $240 million. If this estimation holds, they plan to use it to build their liquidity pool positions and continue further investing in The Universal Metaverse (USM) development. In a market as dynamic and volatile as the crypto market, Radio Caca does not rely on hopes and wishes. All scenarios are to be accounted for. Therefore, Radio Raca has a viable "plan B" with regards to building its liquidity position.

What is Radio Caca?

Radio Caca is one of the GameFi/Metaverse industry leaders, and it has continued to build on its success since it was launched earlier this year. It has been involved in some of the hottest projects within the NFT and Metaverse industry. The platform has executed consecutive NFT sellouts, has an exclusive right to Maye Musk non-fungible tokens, and offers a thrilling Play-to-Earn Metamon game experience. It has also continued to dominate the secondary NFT markets of Binance's ecosystem. Radio Caca team also plans to cross-chain RACA token and its NFTs to Solana and OEC soon. Their investment in the Universal Metaverse (USM) will take things to even higher levels.

All of these factors put together make this project an industry leader. It's certain that Radio Caca is going to be massive in the GameFi and Metaverse space. For more information about Radio CaCa, visit their social media handles and other official pages like Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.

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