Universal Wellness Holding Corp fka American Diversified Holdings Corporation Files Lawsuit Against Miroslav Zecevic, Mina Mar Marketing Group and Related Spanish Parties



Del Mar, California--(Newsfile Corp. - November 8, 2021) - Universal Wellness Holding Corp fka American Diversified Holdings Corporation (OTC Pink: ADHC) ("ADHC") announced today that the company has filed a lawsuit against Miroslav Zecevic, Mina Mar Marketing Group ("Mina Mar Group"), Mina Mar Corporation, and a group of Spanish entities (among others) involving allegations of serious misconduct perpetrated against ADHC, a public company, Ernest B. Remo, and the ADHC shareholders.

The complaint contains allegations of years of improper actions that have caused significant harm to ADHC shareholders. Setting forth claims of conversion and intentional interference with contract against Zecevic (among other claims), the complaint states, "In August and September 2019, Zecevic caused over 300 million ADHC shares to be issued to [the Spanish entities]… [however] the monies that were paid for the shares were never received by ADHC. Instead of ensuring that ADHC would be paid for its shares, Zecevic arranged to have the monies paid directly to Mina Mar Corp., Zecevic's own business. ADHC, then a Nevada corporation, received nothing for these substantial share issuances. In addition to directing payment to his company, Zecevic set the price for the shares issued to Tourist Cruise SL (one of the Spanish entities) at 10% of the then-current price as traded on the open market." In support of these statements, the complaint attaches a purported "bank record from August 12, 2019 directing payment from Tourist Cruise SL to Mina Mar Corp. [not ADHC] for 62,500,000 ADHC shares."

In addition to the claims of financial malfeasance against Zecevic, the complaint also seeks relief from Zecevic's alleged repeated false statements against ADHC and its management. Included in the body of the complaint are images of a dozen publications and social media statements attributed to Zecevic, upon which the plaintiffs' claims are based. "[Zecevic's] false statements… are intended to manufacture confusion and doubt about ADHC in the eyes of the public," the pleading states. Additionally, the complaint avers that "Zecevic caused [American Diversified Holdings Corp., a New York corporation unrelated to ADHC] to be formed and incorporated in New York on October 27, 2021 for the purpose of creating additional confusion with the public about the identity and management of ADHC and to otherwise leverage ADHC's good name, reputation, and trademarks for his benefit."

According to the complaint, the authorized and legal management team of ADHC, both as a corporation and individually, have been the target of a repeated campaign of false and malicious actions which has resulted in severe deterioration in the market value of ADHC's stock.

"After over two years of enduring the repeated attacks against the shareholders of ADHC this lawsuit sends a statement to the defendants that ADHC management will not sit by and allow the shareholders to be victimized," stated ADHC management.

ADHC is seeking monetary damages and other remedies to ensure that ADHC will no longer endure this wrongful behavior from the named defendants.

To review the complaint interested parties can follow the link below.


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