Glow LifeTech Reports Positive Preclinical Data on Proprietary MyCell CBD Demonstrating Superior Bioavailability and Rapid Onset Time

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - November 4, 2021) - Glow LifeTech Corp. (CSE: GLOW) (OTCQB: GLWLF) (FSE: 9DO) ("Glow" or the "Company"), a biotech company focused on producing next-generation, science-backed natural ingredients, is pleased to report positive results from a preclinical pharmacokinetic study evaluating its advanced MyCell® CBD concentrate against traditional CBD oil. Overall, MyCell® CBD formulation demonstrated fast-acting absorption in under 15 minutes and 13x greater absorption of CBD at 60 minutes, providing scientific evidence of MyCell® Technology's industry leading bioavailability and effectiveness.

"It's well known that CBD and other cannabinoids are poorly absorbed by the body which results in a suboptimal customer experience with slow onset, unpredictable dosing and effects and limiting the overall healing potential," said Tom Glawdel, Chief Operating Officer, Glow LifeTech. "The results of the study show MyCell® Technology solves these issues and dramatically improves the bioavailability and effectiveness of CBD."

Also noteworthy is that the same concentration level reached by conventional CBD oil at the 4-hour mark, its peak level, was exceeded in the first 15 minutes using MyCell®️ CBD. The peak concentration for MyCell® CBD was reached at the 45 to 60 min mark with 13 times greater absorption.

"It's not what you consume but what you absorb that matters most," said Rob Carducci, Chief Commercial Officer, Glow LifeTech. "We are excited by the results and what it means for the industry as it provides our brand partners with scientific evidence that MyCell® Technology is pushing the boundaries of performance and innovation in cannabis, ultimately helping our partners develop category-leading products with best-in-class ingredients."

The results verified that MyCell® CBD demonstrates faster onset, higher peak concentration and improved bioavailability of CBD after oral consumption in a highly relevant animal model. As a result, it can be inferred that lower dosing could be required for MyCell® CBD versus conventional CBD-oil to produce the same effect. Faster onset allows for better self-regulated dose control for end users by eliminating a delayed response thereby helping to avoid overconsumption and a better experience.

Key highlights were as follows in comparing the MyCell CBD to traditional CBD oil:

● MyCell® CBD showed a faster onset (less than 15min vs 1hr) of detectable CBD in plasma

● MyCell® CBD showed a higher peak concentration of CBD in plasma (approximately 3x)

● MyCell® CBD showed a higher total absorption (AUC) throughout the monitoring period

  • 1-hour: 13x higher AUC
  • 2 hours: 9x higher AUC
  • 4 hours: 3x higher AUC

● MyCell® CBD reached peak concentration faster (Time: 45 to 60 min vs. 3 to 4hr)

● MyCell® CBD also showed earlier and higher concentration of metabolites (7-OH-CBD) (Time: 1hr vs. 7hrs) supporting evidence of faster and higher absorption of CBD

● No clinical abnormalities or toxicity were observed in both groups

Although this study evaluated absorption of CBD, Glow Lifetech believes a comparable enhancement in the bioavailability would likely be achieved for THC, which Glow plans to test in future studies.

The animal pharmacokinetic study was performed by a third-party contract research organization located in Israel, comparing the bioavailability of MyCell® CBD against CBD-oil (olive oil) as a control. In the study, an equivalent single oral dose of CBD was administered (10 mg/kg body weight) with plasma concentrations of CBD and metabolites monitored intermittently over 7 hours after ingestion.

Further human studies are being considered to gather additional data on the superior absorption performance of MyCell® Technology as part of Glow's continued commitment to science backed ingredients. This study builds on previously announced successful Phase II clinical trials on ArtemiC™, an oral spray formulated with four MyCell® ingredients, which showed the potential capacity to improve and expedite the clinical recovery of mild to moderate COVID-19 patients.[1]

MyCell® Technology is Glow's proprietary nature-based delivery system which dramatically improves the absorption, bioavailability and effectiveness of natural active compounds including cannabinoids, vitamins, botanicals and more. It transforms poorly absorbed natural compounds into clear, water-compatible concentrates that have fast-acting onset, high-absorption, precision dosing and a clean taste profile. The versatility of MyCell® enhanced concentrates allows them to power a variety of product formats including droppers, beverages, foods, topicals, and capsules.

The Company is not making any express or implied claims that it has the ability to eliminate, cure or contain the Covid-19 (or SARS-2 Coronavirus) at this time.

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Glow LifeTech is a Canadian-based biotechnology company focused on producing nutraceutical and cannabinoid-based products with dramatically enhanced bioavailability, absorption and effectiveness. Glow has rights to the groundbreaking, plant-based MyCell Technology® delivery system, which transforms poorly absorbed natural compounds into enhanced water-compatible concentrates that unlock the full healing potential of the valuable compounds.


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[1] ArtemiC™ Phase II Trial Results:

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