Pulse Bomber Launched with Low Market Cap - Big Upside Potential?

Rosedale, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 30, 2021) -  Pulse Bomber - a new project on the BSC, with a revolutionary crypto mining platform has just launched its new token $PULSEBOMBER with an incredibly low market cap of only $350,000. The project has significant reward potential for its investors as the tokenomics model behind them is putting a focus on growth through effective marketing strategies.

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Pulsebomber Roadmap

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Pulse Bomber is built to be sustainable and has longevity as a focus. The objective is to create a system to reward its holders as much as possible, sustainably. Based on the use case, marketing-based tokenomics, and available rewards, it could not take long before a potential 10, 20, or 50 times move to the upside takes place.

The Pulse Bomber Miner

The crypto mining platform - The Pulse Bomber Miner aims to be a source of passive income to their community with market-leading ROI in a self-sustaining way. The current ROI is substantial, currently paying its users a daily amount of 10% as an average on deposits. This may vary based on the current balance status of the contract it is built on, with an increase in the ROI as the contract rises and dropping the ROI if the contract drops.

Pulse Bomber's crypto mining platform was created to be utilized in such a way that community engagement is encouraged, with deposits requiring daily claims and the need to hire more miners as the ROI compounds. Stagnation from users will decrease the mining capability, a step that brings users back to the platform daily. Claiming can occur at any point, with no minimum to the mining timeframe.

There are some fees associated with this service with a current rate of 5% to all deposits, and 25% for withdrawals, with no transfer fees when interacting within the miner itself. The fees taken from deposits are added back into the liquidity pool to sustain the longevity of the project.

Referrals and Rewards

The project has growth and rewards at the forefront of everything they do, and as such, referrals are a big part of the goal to grow their community of holders. Inside the application, there is a unique referral code for every user, and once shared, the user will gain 10% of the value for every deposit that is made. The higher the deposit and the more times the code is shared, the higher the reward potential becomes for the initial user.

Buyback and Marketing Protocol

The tokenomics for Pulse Bomber are built for one purpose - growth. The project is a buyback and marketing protocol that converts the tokens claimed through transaction taxes to BNB, which is used for buybacks and marketing.

With transparency in mind, the fees accumulated are diverted directly back to increasing brand awareness and ensuring they have the budget to do so. Within two days of the initial launch, the project was able to generate 150k in marketing funds. The marketing wallet is now at 20% of the current market cap, all will be used to increase its user base.

Coinpresso and Pulse Bomber

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Coinpresso and Pulse Bomber

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The project has partnered with Coinpresso - a leading SEO and crypto marketing agency to help with the future marketing strategy and to gain the organic traffic to get the project to the level it is aiming to achieve.

The Coinpresso team has a wealth of knowledge for promotions, marketing, and most importantly SEO, with targeted marketing strategies and effective click-funnels to drive more users directly to the project. The news of the Coinpresso partnership alone has already seen the token experience a 25% increase to the price already as the news broke earlier today.

The Future For Pulse Bomber

Typically, projects that are built upon a foundation of sustainable tokenomics and marketing plans have a high chance of success. The future objectives include a minimum of 20M in market cap, a complete NFT marketplace, staking and gaining a substantial community following across all of their groups and channels. Effective marketing is how they will gain new users, sustainably high rewards are how they plan to retain them.

The project is currently only available on PancakeSwap but has plans for more listings, more marketing, and through the use of the significant marketing wallet, more users. Altbase - a specialty altcoin exchange for iOS and Android, has announced they will be listing the $PULSEBOMBER token soon, with more announcements to be made in the coming days.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CraftLiquid
Telegram: https://twitter.com/PulseBomberTKN

Media Contact:
Curtis Ramsay

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