Memeunity Builds a Second Company to Improve Revenue

Dover, Delaware--(Newsfile Corp. - October 21, 2021) - The Memeunity team is pleased to announce the creation of a second company to the general public in a bid to bolster its revenue generation model. Memes were previously seen as a fun-only means of expression and nothing more. However, the team hopes that the emergence of Memeunity (MU) will change their users' perception about memes ― the fact that they can make money and laugh while at it.

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MU is the world's first interactive social media platform of its kind. This means that its users do not have to interact with anyone as they would on traditional social media platforms. Thanks to the integration of blockchain, users on their platform can interact with other members of the Memeunity community without necessarily having to know each other's information unless mutually requested. A close substitute to that would be a Memo, something similar to a bio. In this situation, users get to craft a message that best describes the personality they intend to maintain.

For Content Creators

Memeunity serves content creators in a way that is atypical of social media platforms. Content creators are tasked to meet a long list of demands that can potentially influence the message that they intend to pass. To create a fair environment for all users of Memeunity, the leadership team integrated the "double algorithm" feature. The first algorithm classifies content according to the manner of language used, and the second one distributes ads across the different content categories.

Why Memeunity?

We are Memeunity because we understand that there's unity in decentralization. This is one of the ways we show you that we do not care about you, but we do. We do not care about you enough to want or sell your data, and we care about you enough to respect your privacy.

Contrary to the general misconception that blockchain products and solutions are somewhat technical, the MU team did ensure that users have an easy time on their platform thanks to their intuitive and interactive user interface. Other perks include a dynamic content feed, consistent reward system, meme categories, etcetera.

So What Happened?

In trying to keep with the promise of a consistent reward system, the Memeunity team saw a future where the reward system could not be sustained. For this reason, they have set up a second company (Yarloo) intending to avoid all the mistakes they made with Memeunity. So far they have raised about $2 million with this second company, twice as much as they did with Memeunity.

Yarloo is built with a potent business model to generate revenue which will ultimately resuscitate Memeunity and create the future they envisioned and promised. The Memeunity team remains focused on ensuring they maintain the user-friendly, data-respecting, and privacy-inclined community they have been from day one.

About Memeunity

Memeunity is an interactive community that is very different from the typical social media but aims to entertain users. They describe themselves as a group of "lunatics" who saw a future for interactive social media and took it. Their idea of integrating a social network of memes with blockchain technology was so good that they raised a million dollars from investors. Memeunity is based in Delaware, United States (to be relocated to St. Vincent & The Grenadines for future legal concerns).

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Contact Name: Eyad Khaled

Phone number: +2001289749608

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