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  • JUNLALA Collaborates with Super Telecom Co., Ltd to Promote Computing Power Development in China's Market

    San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - May 25, 2023) - On May 19th, JUNLALA, an innovative artificial intelligence enterprise, inked a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with Super Telecom Co., Ltd. in the computing power field. The agreement signifies the initiation of global collaboration between Chinese companies in the computing power sector and strengthens the deep integration between the two firms. Going forward, JUNLALA will collaborate with Super Telecom Co., Ltd. to enhance computing power-related services, infrastructure, technology, and other related fields, which...

    2023-05-25 10:59 PM EDT
  • State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company Introduces Green Power Water Purifier at Tibetan Children's School

    Hangzhou, China--(Newsfile Corp. - March 22, 2023) - State Grid Hangzhou Power Supply Company installed a Green Power Water Purifier for the children of Tibetan Nagqu Xiangmao Township Primary School on March 22nd, 2023, the 31st World Water Day.The Green Power Water Purifier was installed in the open space next to the water room in the playground of Xiangmao Township Primary School for all teachers and students to get water, with a length of nearly 3.5 meters, a width of...

    2023-03-22 5:14 AM EDT
  • WEARCLUE Officially Launches as an APP for Lovers of Fashion

    Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - November 23, 2022) - The WEARCLUE APP has officially launched and became a hit, shared among the fashion circle. In order to cope with the influx of new users, WEARCLUE pushed an emergency APP optimization and upgrade. After the update, the app required invitation codes for those signing up. In addition, there were optimizations to the server, as well as content optimizations, to provide better service to both new and old users.With the upgrade of...

    2022-11-23 10:03 PM EST
  • Catering Culture Expo Held in S. China's Guangxi Yulin by Yulin People's Government Shows Unique Cuisine Culture

    Yuling, Guangxi, China--(Newsfile Corp. - November 23, 2022) - The 2022 Guangxi Catering Culture Expo (GCCE) and "A Taste of Guangxi" Catering Industry Development Forum hosted by Yulin people's government was held from November 18 to 20 in Yulin city, south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, aiming to promote Guangxi cuisine culture, cultivate Guangxi cuisine brands, and boost high-quality development of Guangxi's catering industry.

    2022-11-23 6:58 AM EST
  • UNice Releases UNice Air Wigs to Bring Women Healthier Wearing Experience

    New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - November 8, 2022) - UNice is a brand with a history spanning nearly a decade and available in many countries and regions, known for its high quality and authentic designs. In addition to geographic expansion, UNice has also been expanding its wig product categories. Recently, it launched "UNice Air Wigs."UNice Ai

    2022-11-08 10:19 PM EST
  • NSAXTV Media Announces the Official Global Launch

    Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - October 25, 2022) - Recently, NSAXTV media, a platform launched by NSAXTV Film Media Co., LTD, announced its official launch. NSAXTV media's mission is to innovate the film and television marketing model and achieve a win-win situation for users, members (major film and television companies or producers) and the platform."Most film and TV companies' online marketing methods are still stuck in Internet advertising, media hype, Key Opinion Leader (KOL), and online crowdfunding, etc. Along with...

    2022-10-25 6:27 AM EDT
  • OKLink Has Launched Aptos Blockchain Explorer, the 20th Chain Supported by OKLink Blockchain Explorer

    Beijing, China--(Newsfile Corp. - October 19, 2022) - The OKLink, OKG's blockchain explorer, has supported twenty chains after they launched Aptos blockchain explorer on 18 October 2022, which is also the first team to launch Aptos blockchain explorer worldwide. With OKLink, the whole picture of the Aptos ecosystem can be seen in an easy way. So far, more than 100 Aptos ecosystem DApps are listed in OKLink. First to Launch Aptos Block Explorer, OKLink Powers Aptos EcosystemOn-chain data of Aptos,...

    2022-10-19 6:25 AM EDT
  • American Cycling Apparel Brand Jelenew Announced Its "Her for Her" Co-Creator Project

    Wilmington, Delaware--(Newsfile Corp. - October 13, 2022) - Recently, American cycling apparel brand Jelenew announced its "Her for Her" co-creator project during the return of the Women's Tour de France this year. Inspired by the return of the women's Tour de France in 2022, the project aims to spark a dialogue on gender equality in cycling, help improve the gender balance in cycling, and promote the development of global women's cycling. Jelenew's mission has always been to let female cyclists'...

    2022-10-13 9:00 AM EDT
  • FreeYond F9, a Cost-Effective Smartphone, Announces That It Will Enter the Latin American Market Soon

    Shenzhen, China--(Newsfile Corp. - September 5, 2022) - FreeYond F9, a smartphone from Shenzhen, will enter the Latin American market, causing a significant impact on the existing major mobile phone leading brands in the Latin American market, the fourth largest smartphone market in the world.FreeYond F9To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

    2022-09-05 5:43 AM EDT