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  • FluroTech Clarifies Trading Halt

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - September 9, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST) ("FluroTech" or the "Company") announces that, further to the trading halt of its shares, pending announcement, this release clarifies the status of certain of its regulatory filings. Due to inadvertence resulting from a recent change in the financial year end of the Company, the Company failed to file financial statements and other related documents resulting in the Company being noted in default by the regulators. The Company is working proactively...

    2018-09-10 1:00 AM ET
  • FluroTech Achieves Another Milestone and Completes Test Kits That Measure THCa and CBDa with Accuracy and Repeatability

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - September 5, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company"), has successfully completed the development of the test kits for THCa and CBDa. When used with the Company's flagship quality control and potency optimization testing device, the CompleTest™, accurate, reliable and consistent THCa and CBDa testing results can be achieved onsite within 15 minutes with this user friendly solution. By having onsite cannabis testing, companies can save the time of shipping samples to the...

    2018-09-05 8:55 AM ET
  • FluroTech Announces 2nd Quarter Financial Results and Provides Outlook

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - August 29, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company"), today announced results for its second quarter ended June 30, 2018.HighlightsFinalized development and branding of CompleTest™, the Company's flagship quality control cannabis testing device;Have completed construction of the CompleTest outer mold;Commenced construction of the first 50 CompleTest units;Filed initial patents for Completest;Completed heavy metal test kits, scope and training module, allowing users of the C

    2018-08-29 4:00 PM ET
  • FluroTech Accelerates Development of Its Saliva Based Roadside Testing Device and Applauds Canada's Leadership Role in Ensuring Road Safety

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - August 29, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company"), applauds the steps Canada is taking to address issues of impaired driving while under the influence of drugs. The Company believes it's important that law enforcement has adequate tools in place to help accurately and efficiently determine drug concentrations in saliva, such as THC, cocaine and methamphetamines, which can be used as an indicator of impairment.FluroTech is accelerating the development of its roadside testing...

    2018-08-29 9:00 AM ET
  • FluroTech Completes Heavy Metal Test Kits

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - July 23, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company"), one of the leaders in cannabis quality control technology, has completed the test kits for cadmium, lead and mercury heavy metals. The heavy metal test kits, the heavy metal scope and the CompleTest™ device will allow users to achieve fast, accurate, and consistent testing results in-house on a cost effective basis. Results from each test are logged into our proprietary software and can be...

    2018-07-23 7:00 AM ET
  • FluroTech Ltd. Announces Closing of the Royalty Purchase from UTI

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - July 19, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has closed its previously announced purchase of the royalty from University Technologies International Limited Partnership ("UTI"). The Company has issued 333,334 FluroTech common shares, at a deemed price of $0.45 per share, to UTI in exchange for UTI selling its one percent royalty on net product sales of FluroTech back to the Company.About FluroTech (TSXV: TEST)

    2018-07-19 10:00 AM ET
  • FluroTech Ltd. Announces the Ability to Biomark Cannabis Oil

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - July 18, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that through the collaboration of nanoscientists, botanists and biochemists, it has demonstrated the proof of principle to specifically label cannabis oil in a manner that will allow fast, on-site identification of legal products using the CompleTest™ technology, economically and without the need for technical training. The Company's research suggests that governments and licensed producers are looking for a reliable, accurate technology...

    2018-07-18 9:00 AM ET
  • FluroTech Ltd. Announces CompleTest(TM) Commercialization

    Calgary, Alberta--(Newsfile Corp. - July 3, 2018) - FluroTech Ltd. (TSXV: TEST), ("FluroTech" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has finalized the engineering & design of its flagship product, CompleTest™, and engaged a third party manufacturer to produce the first commercial production run of the housing for the CompleTest™ Series 1 device. The desktop device will commence commercial production July 2018 and is expected to be available for sale in Canada by October 2018, along with the...

    2018-07-03 9:00 AM ET