Can I file XBRL interactive data on my own?

It’s possible, but will require a solid understanding of the filing tools on the SEC's website or third party filing software with a built-in XBRL filing component. In addition, the XBRL interactive data files attached as exhibits to the submission may contain validation errors that will require a good knowledge of XBRL to repair.

Will I need to post my company's XBRL interactive data on our company website?

Yes, according to pages 74 - 79 of the final rule, each filer covered by the new rules is required to provide the same interactive data that it will be required to provide to the Commission on its corporate Web site, if it has one, on the earlier of the calendar day it filed or was required to file the related registration statement or report, as applicable. The interactive data should be accessible through the issuer’s Web site address the issuer normally uses to disseminate information to investors. The interactive data will be required to be posted for at least 12 months, which is consistent with issuers’ full one year reporting cycle.

Where will XBRL interactive data submitted to the EDGAR system appear?

EDGAR Filings containing XBRL interactive data will appear in the issuer’s document list under their respective CIK on the SEC EDGAR web site. The XBRL portion of the filing will be located in exhibits in text format. Filings with an XBRL component will be marked with an "Interactive Data" button on the filer's SEC web site document list. To view a human-readable form of the XBRL interactive data viewers will need to load the Interactive Financial Report Viewer or the Financial Explorer. XBRL interactive data submitted to EDGAR may also be downloaded by analytical programs and posted on other, non-SEC web sites.