RARA and Binance NFT Announce the Launch of the Vogue Singapore Mystery Box

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - August 27, 2021) - Vogue Singapore Mystery Box is a joint release of the two NFT platforms RARA NFT platform and Binance NFT, where Binance NFT distributes and sells a portion of the NFT and RARA NFT platform is responsible for the last city card - the Singapore Card. This release is not only the first NFT release for Vogue, but also the first collaboration between RARA NFT platform and Binance NFT. Both parties have indicated that they would engage in intensive cooperation on more IPs in the future.

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Vogue Singapore Mystery Box

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Vogue Singapore Mystery Box was created by Brytehall, and Binance NFT has offered the first 10 city NFTs while RARA NFT platform has offered the final city NFT Singapore Card. Beyond the various high rewards offered by Vogue, RARA NFT platform proposes an additional $5,000 worth of rewards for this campaign.

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The RARA team hopes to improve the current bottleneck of low dissemination rate of NFT by exploring the value of IP creators, and to reposition the value of NFT in collections rather than art. Any individual, group or enterprise with influence in society can release their own NFT products with collection value.

RARA will be a comprehensive NFT value discovery platform to collaborate with more IPs. In the future, not only the value of these NFTs but also the RARA platform itself will reap enough market value. NFT is now an unstoppable industry direction where not only the fashion sector but also games, celebrities and brands will discover value for their own NFTs.

RARA launches Vogue Singapore Mystery Box with Binance NFT - market signals

Vogue, as one of the top magazines of global fashion, has a reputable industry status in the world. Meanwhile, there are countless IPs that can be expanded in the field of fashion through Vogue. This time, RARA directly collaborated with Vogue, demonstrating the strong strength of RARA in resource reserve.

Binance NFT is currently the largest centralized NFT trading platform in terms of traffic and is also the world's leading NFT trading platform. Recently launched, countless projects are looking to collaborate with Binance NFT. This is a positive sign for the RARA NFT platform to show its potential to the market. Both parties have prospected more future collaborations, showing RARA NFT platform strength for competitors.

From Jamie Chua to Vogue, what RARA NFT platform is exploring?

In terms of attributes, both Jamie Chua and Vogue belong to the fashion sector, but what is the deeper value in the collaboration for RARA NFT platform?

NFT is still an emerging asset but growing at a phenomenal rate. The short-term explosion of NFTs has brought together an incredible amount of traffic and money, but more thought and innovation are needed to sustain this prosperity.

And RARA NFT platform, as its slogan suggests, wants to realize the value of NFT and gather fans of different IPs on the RARA platform through each sale. IP NFTs on sale are the basic functional asset to ensure the interactivity and spread of the platform during its operation, as well as the most important carrier for the spread of value. The DeFi+NFT model provides them with a range of possibilities to generate revenue, making economic distribution healthier and community governance more effective through DAO.

NFT is still the best application scenario and the RARA NFT platform will be their bridge. From Vogue Singapore Mystery Box and other NFT products, it is evident that when attached value to NFTs, its value delivery, liquidity and presentation platform will be challenged accordingly. A platform that is easily traded, rapidly circulated and rich in traffic is more likely to generate passion and profit for the creators.

RARA's unique marketplace mechanism ensures that creators and their works are not only sold at a reasonable price, but also provides a wealth of resources and traffic for creators to showcase their works. Once purchased an NFT work, users can combine their asset allocation in any way they wish on RARA, whether it is for liquidity mining of NFTs or selling them directly.

RARA combines the best of NFT and the best of DeFi in one place, integrating a gamified marketplace with DEX like never before to create an unparalleled NFT buying and selling system.

RARA ties together user value, IP value, and DeFi economy to complete the economic cycle and value discovery of the entire platform in multiple ways, creating a NFT value discovery system with unlimited potential.

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