Duty Free Shops are Dead, Long Live DutyFreeZone.com

Miami, Florida--(Newsfile Corp. - August 2, 2021) - Since 1998, DutyFreeZone.com, and Duty-Free-zone.com, are still leaders in the international E-commerce Industry, why is this so?

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In 1998 DutyFreeZone.com was the world first online E-duty-free shop based on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao.

As far back as 1998, DutyFreeZone.com was known as the first E-duty free shop based on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao, and as of now, it has been labeled as the world's largest international global marketplace. A lot of people have ideas, and for you to make money, you must find one thing to sell. Everyone making some money is selling one thing or the other. Some sell their skills acquired over time, others their time, some buy goods and resell to others, amongst other means.DutyFreeZone's most successful categories are: confectionery, beauty & fragrances. Liquors, collectibles, watches & jewelry, textiles, sunglasses, leather & luggage, electronics, toys, and much more..

For all these different categories, there is a need for a platform. DutyFreeZone.com aims to provide that platform. Re-invented in 2020, in the thick of the pandemic which relegated many businesses, necessitating the closure of many shops and physical hotspots of businesses. As this changed the face of the commercial industry, Reynald Grattagliano, DutyFreeZone.com founder came up with the idea of having an all-encompassing international online marketplace that sought to bring together thousands of different businesses under one roof to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 crisis meeting consumers where they most needed them.

With DutyFreeZone.com, consumers can choose between thousands of brands, the same as they would if they were to shop in the physical retail stores. DutyFreeZone.com aims to become the largest global online mall where consumers have a lot of options to choose from. This way, they can find all they need under one roof. On this platform, vendors will be able to sell products and ship directly from another vendor, from one country to the other or within the same country.

Vendors can also ship directly from their location or distribution centers to anywhere in the world wherever customers are located. DutyFreeZone.com will be showcasing millions of products from thousands of drop shippers and customers will be able to purchase any combination of products they want and have them delivered right to their different locations. These transactions will be done through DutyFreeZone's payment gateway, and then distributed to the different vendors, deducting a small commission in the process.

Utilizing this business model, it is clear as day that DutyFreeZone.com was the originator, the creator of the international online marketplace, that has inspired the innovation of other E-commerce platforms such as https://www.Alibaba.com and https://www.Amazon.com. For DutyFreeZone.com, three (3) websites are being managed for different reasons. https://www.dutyfreezone.com is for business-to-consumer interactions, https://www.duty-free-zone.com for business-to-business dealings, and the third, https://www.duty-freezone.com for the E-directory.

The DutyFreeZone business-to-consumer online marketplace, https://www.dutyfreezone.com and https://www.duty-free-zone.com helps business owners stay in control. They showcase their products, and when an item is sold, you ship it yourself. DutyFreeZone.com is responsible for the payment, and will pay you once the product is shipped. By working this way, buyers and sellers are covered, as well as the many risks of doing business in the contemporary world are further minimized. The major difference between DutyFreeZone.com and other commercial retail platforms is that you do not have to ship your goods to a distribution center, your goods remain with you, and it is only until they are sold, you should ship and get paid.

There is also the https://www.duty-free-zone.com which links business owners to each other. On this platform, raw material suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers all come together to conduct trade from all corners of the world. This business arrangement in all provides some advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  • Access to a substantial, engaged audience of potential luxury customers: As a start-up in the vast commercial world, you would need to make an intentional investment in growing your brand, organically driving up engagements, and getting an audience to boost sales. Latching onto this provides you with that opportunity. DutyFreeZone.com facilitates your access to thousands of luxury consumers.
  • Access to E-Commerce without any investment in digital infrastructure and a quick time to market: The development of a platform that fosters direct interaction with customers is a significant investment for a growing brand. DutyFreeZone.com bypasses that and offers you a "Plug and Play" approach to selling your goods online.
  • Access to an optimized E-commerce UX and Trading Technologies: DutyFreeZone.com is a tech company that has built up a credible reputation over the years. This opportunity affords you, as a business owner, to make a considerable investment in a platform that affords you convenience and allows you to conduct business in an optimized transactional environment.
  • Ease of Catalogue Creation
  • Shipping Rate and Supply Chain.

Finally, DutyFreeZone.com is an excellent platform for startups in the commercial sector and allows them to connect with a large audience waiting to engage and buy what they have to sell. This is without a need for a significant investment in dedicated E-commerce resources.

The suitability of DutyFreeZone.com as a platform for your brand depends on the correlation to the size, scale, and maturity of your business. It is advisable for a brand after reaching a level of maturity to search for a source of direct-to-customer E-commerce interaction. This approach fosters a positive, direct relationship with customers, increases product margin, and creates space for a branded experience.

Businesses small, medium, and large from all over the world are welcome to register their products free of charge on DutyFreeZone.com and Duty-Free-Zone.com.

B2C: https://dutyfreezone.com/ocmultivendor/sellerregister

B2B: https://duty-free-zone.com/ocmultivendor/sellerregister

About DutyFreeZone.com

In 1998 DutyFreeZone.com was the world first online E-duty-free shop based on the Caribbean Island of Curaçao - Today DutyFreeZone.com is labeled as the world largest duty-free global marketplace. When it started in 1998 DutyFreeZone.com was buying inventory from vendors for its Curacao distribution center located right on the airport runway taking orders online and shipping them to consumers all over the world. DutyFreeZone.com re-invented itself in 2020 when suddenly the Covid 19 pandemic changed the entire industry, at that time Reynald Grattagliano, company founder came up with the idea to open a multi sellers' marketplace with one main goal: Help thousands of duty-free shops sell online all together under one roof to serve a crisis-hit industry which is struggling to stay alive.

With DutyFreeZone.com consumers will have in front of them a great choice of brands available usually sold in duty free shops from manufacturers from all over the world. DutyFreezone.com aims to become the world largest duty-free mall where the consumers can find all what they need under one roof. Vendors from all over the world will be able to sell products on DutyFreeZone.com that they will drop ship from other vendors, or ship directly from their own location or distribution center to customers located anywhere in the world. DutyFreeZone.com will showcase literally millions of products from thousands of drop shippers posting their products for sale on the DutyFreeZone.com online platform. Customers worldwide will be able to purchase any combination of products in a single checkout instead of purchasing them from an airport or from a mall, and have their order delivered right to their home or office. Vendors process the payments through DutyFreeZone.com payment gateway who in turn distribute the money to the vendors after deducting a small commission.

About Reynald Vito Grattagliano

Reynald Vito Grattagliano is an entrepreneur and philanthropist driven to solve the world's biggest challenges through innovation. Reynald is the spark behind the international E- duty-free industry having been the first in 1998 to open a virtual duty-free shop. A man who knows no limits, Reynald pushes big dreams into action, spurring massive cultural and technological change. His audacious vision and magnetic personality continually inspire others to follow what feels impossible.

The founder of DutyFreeZone.com, Reynald sees beyond the current business and technological landscape, creating companies that make a true impact. Reynald's next endeavor is to travel to the moon, using lunar resources for innovation here on earth. Whether it's business or life, Reynald is guided by one firm belief - Our only limit is our imagination.

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