How does RARA maximize IP value?

Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - July 30, 2021) - Since its birth in 2017, NFT has been confined to the narrow field of digital art for a long time till its emergence in the real financial market. Despite this progress made, there is no reliable guiding principle or platform in the market. Therefore, RARA will take the responsibility and lead IP creators to fulfill this niche.

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In the past, IP creators were defined as artists who created digital art with their personal IP.

Based on the reality, RARA has decided to update this definition: IP creators refer to influential individuals and entities (e.g. groups, companies) that release their artwork/collectibles with collection value through blockchain technology.

Take RARA's first IP creator—Jamie Chua—a female fashion and lifestyle entrepreneur, for example. In this NFT release, RARA will prioritize the interaction between users and NFT to let more people know the charm of Jamie Chua. At the same time, it will also show all NFT fans how RARA manages to consolidate Jamie Chua's position as a fashion and lifestyle leader while enhancing the value of her IP NFT, which will enhance the value of NFT and make it more valuable.

The cooperation of IP creators, such as Jamie Chua, is no longer limited to the field of digital art. Rather, it is to all influential individuals and entities that can create products of collectible value and appreciation potential.

RARA also defines itself as an NFT value discovery system. In other words, in addition to the role of being the NFT transaction platform, RARA can also enhance the value of NFT through a variety of other functions.

The short life of IP NFT value

For a long time in the past, we frequently heard the news of crazily high prices of digital artworks in the market. The follow-up information, however, was much less discussed or reported. This is in line with the pattern in NFT transaction platforms where NFT transaction volume increases exponentially and then within a very short period, plummets, till the transaction volume reaches the lowest.

In the past NFT trading market, it seemed that an NFT was minted to have a short life of only a few transactions. For some NFTs, the market seems to lose its interest in them even just after one transaction count, which in essence is because users are not motivated to discover their value. This is particularly true for most fans, especially those who are not fans of the NFT creators. To solve the short-life of NFT therefore requires a solution more than the combination of NFT+Defi.

IP creators: the core value of IP NFT

Most people believe that the underlying asset of NFT projects is the large number of valuable (or high price) NFTs. However, we believe that the real moat of NFT projects is the IP creators. The number and the influential level of IP creators play the key role in deciding NFT value. The overlap of fans of different IP creators and their combined financial ability can promote the virtuous development of the platform. This will bring IP creators more exposure as well.

RARA believes that the value of an NFT is not how many dollars it can be auctioned, but lies in the IP creators whose influence forms the basis of NFT value. In other words, fans' support and enthusiasm foster transaction desire for IP NFT.

On RARA, IP creators come from a variety of fields, including art, music, game, film and television, celebrity, technology, etc, in the forms of individuals, enterprises, groups, etc. RARA is the richest variety and the highest quality IP resource.

RARA brings more income and achievement to IP creators

The core motivators for IP creators are sense of achievement and revenue rate. RARA is aware that every IP creator dreams to see their NFTs widely circulated and collected and therefore, it will not only trade NFTs as an asset but also provide marketing services and resource for them.

As for the revenue rate, it consists of the revenue of influence and wealth. IP creators receive part of the income from each NFT transaction. This is the most direct benefit. Besides that, on RARA, they will also enjoy a full range of services before their creations, during the auction as well as post-auction. Activities like joint-branded sales and marketing campaigns are covered by RARA.

The RARA team hopes to conquer the current bottleneck of the low communication rate of NFT by exploring the value of IP creators. By emphasizing NFTs' collection value rather than artistic potential, RARA enables all influential individuals and entities to issue their NFT products. In doing this, we hope they can not only consolidate their image but also enhance their social influence, just like what Picasso did in the past.

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