BeyondHQ Introduces Canada Markets Data for Corporate Hiring and Real Estate Planning Decision-Makers

San Francisco, California--(Newsfile Corp. - July 28, 2021) - BeyondHQ, the leader in digitized workforce and workplace planning, today announced that it now offers data on major Canadian markets to help corporate HR and real estate leaders analyze and make decisions about hiring and office space based on a number of criteria, including population size, talent availability, and office leasing costs.

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Key Takeaways:

  • BeyondHQ introduces Canada Markets to help HR and real estate leaders find candidates across the U.S. and Canada.
  • The BeyondHQ platform provides data and insights into 35 Canadian markets about population, talent, and cost, among other criteria.
  • Through its SaaS-based data and analytics platform, BeyondHQ helps companies in the U.S. and Canada identify where to find skilled talent for different roles and assess costs for both hiring and leasing office space.

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About BeyondHQ

BeyondHQ is the first real-time, user-driven, collaborative SaaS platform designed to help companies run unlimited talent and real estate analyses while saving time and money. The company’s workforce and workplace planning tools bring transparency, collaboration, and speed to decision-makers tasked with the challenge of building and scaling geographically distributed teams and offices.

As companies think more about hybrid work models and a geographically dispersed presence, BeyondHQ enables HR, Real Estate, and Finance teams to evaluate where, why, and how to source talent or open offices. Using a single interface to access trusted market data, the proprietary technology informs ‘what-if’ style scenario planning with customized recommendations based on the organization’s specific needs, priorities, and culture.

Founded in 2019, BeyondHQ is committed to a longer-term vision of expanding technology-enabled economic opportunities in the United States, while serving as a company-wide platform for empowering people and places decisions.

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Source: BeyondHQ

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