NanoPsy Inc. Closes Seed Round, Funds to Be Used to Prove Efficacy of Nanobowl Technology with Ketamine and LSD

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - June 29, 2021) - NanoPsy Inc., a company that develops nanotechnology for theranostic applications to effectively improve psychedelic drug efficacy, has announced the completion of its seed financing round. The company has raised C$500,000 in equity at C$4.1mm post money valuation.

NanoPsy is being advised by capital market consultants Terrella Capital Corp. and LACG Capital Inc. Participating investors include Negev Capital, a psychedelic medical intervention investment fund; Ambria Capital, a fund focused on investing in agriculture, consumer, healthcare, and technology industries, and a UK-based family office.

The seed funding will be used to demonstrate proof of efficacy of the NanoBowl technology with Ketamine and LSD as the two lead molecules. Pending success, NanoPsy will apply their technology to other molecules in the psychedelic domain. And will be open to forming partnerships with drug-development and bio-pharma companies in the industry.

NanoPsy will continue adding to its team to support the company's rapid growth, building upon the recently announced leadership appointments of Bojan Krasic - Executive Chairman & President; Sunil Srivastava - Director ; Ratnesh Lal, PhD - Chair of the advisory board for psychedelic bio-nanotechnology; Max Arella, PhD - Scientific Development; Bill O'Hara - Board of Directors.

NanoPsy's core research focus is on targeted on-demand delivery of psychedelic molecules to the brain & other human organs for effective treatment with optimal efficacy & minimal side effects.

''We are excited and proud to be working in a nascent industry that will greatly improve the human condition. We believe our technology will facilitate development of mental health medicines by providing a more efficient and efficacious delivery of psychedelic API compounds. We look forward to having a significant role in spearheading the evolution of this noble endeavour.''- said Bojan Krasic - Executive Chairman & President

Ken Belotsky, Partner, Negev Capital, commented: - "We are thrilled to co-lead NanoPsy seed round alongside other top tier investors. We look forward to supporting NanoPsy's path towards nanotechnology for theranostic applications to effectively improve psychedelic drug efficacy."

About NanoPsy

NanoPsy is a company that develops nanotechnology for theranostic applications to effectively improve psychedelic drug efficacy. Our patented nano technology which, in combination with our targeted delivery and controlled dosing technology methods, will allow for an increase in solubility/absorption of these molecules. Thus a more efficacious API.


Bojan Krasic
Executive Chairman & President
Cell: +1.905.979.2937

Bill O'Hara
Cell: +1.905.334.7344

About Negev Capital

Negev Capital is a psychedelic medical intervention investment fund with assets of USD$20+ million. We invest in drug discovery, with a focus on preclinical and/or Phase 1 stages of development. We aim to support those early stage companies in need of capital that promote the thoughtful, responsible, medical use of psychedelic medication for psychiatric disorders, and who have excellent management and science teams, and solid IP.

We believe that psychedelic medications will be not only disruptive to the practice of psychiatry, but hold the potential to reduce enormous amounts of human suffering, and we are committed to helping the field mature, and further promote ways for these treatments to reach all of those in need.

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